Penguin Plushie Fight!

Penguin Plushie Fight!

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  1. Agent K
    Agent K
    Because we all know penguin plushies are related to Inazuma Eleven.

    This game is eternal... well, until BMGf ends or the apocalypse comes.
    No spamming, blablabla.
    This game is like a crackfic, there's no point to it but it exists for the pleasure of others.

    One two three go!

    *hurls penguin plushie at next poster*
  2. Italy-kun
    *Attempts to throw red penguin plushie, hurts arm*
  3. Agent K
    Agent K
    OT: Lol Aura, I like the EmpPenguin # 1 reference~
    Anyway, *takes advantage of Aura's hurt arm to throw another penguin plushie at Aura*
  4. Okamidna
    intercepts plushie and shoots at DH from space
  5. Italy-kun
    Failingly throws at Twilight with non-dominant arm
  6. Agent K
    Agent K
    *throws a penguin plushie in an astronaut suit at Twilight*
  7. Marcie
    *Turns her Penguin into an ice cube by making wierd stance and kicks it at Depeh*

  8. Agent K
    Agent K
    *creates flames out of nowhere and uses them akin to Vine Whip to grab the penguin* Good try, but Flame Dance is superior to Eternal Blizzard, since Ice is weak to Fire! HAHAHA. *uses this to her advantage with Bakunetsu Storm-style penguin throw*

    Also, I like how this has become 'Replicate Hissatsus in a free-for-all Penguin Plushie fight' instead of 'Penguin Plushie Fight!'.
  9. Marcie
    *Ducks under the Penguin*

  10. Agent K
    Agent K
    As said by a very wise unicorn, "It. Is. ON!". *throws penguin plushie bakc at Fubuki, this time with a pegasus behind it* So why I'm quoting an unicorn when I use Pegasus Shot PPF-Style is anyone's guess. Probably because this needs to be about 20% cooler.
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