OSes installed/OS of choice

OSes installed/OS of choice

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  1. immewnity

    Well, OS of choice is Windows 7.

    OSes installed?

    • Windows 95 Beta
    • Windows XP Pro SP3
    • Windows Vista HP SP1
    • Windows 7 RC

    ...and there you go.
  2. White Len
    White Len
    The ones on mine are...

    Windows XP SP3.

    Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

    And that's about all a 40 GB hard drive can take. Got a FAT32 partition to share the info between Ubuntu and XP, but that's about it.
  3. Vasili
    Mine has
    Windows XP Professional
    and the other one has
    Windows Vista Profesional (Hopefully soon to be Windows 7 Professional)
  4. Zynetic
    Naturally I used XP.
    I was disappointed by the gimmicky features in Vista, which in turn caused the compter to use more processing power and the such, slowing everything down.

    I have Vista Ultimate on my laptop and XP on my computer.
  5. H-con
    Well, ordered a new computer with Win 7, Home Premium I think. My current runs XP. Haven't installed more OSes on this, as I don't find that practical.

    I also found an amazing collection of Win 95 floppy-disks. I believe my dad got them. Around 30 of them too. How fun!
  6. Flame_
    I use Linux Mint, Ubuntu 9.10, Vista Home Premium, planning on getting Windows 7, XP, ME, and 2000
  7. !Tommy
    I use Windows XP Pro and Vista Ultimate, but I prefer Windows 2000 Pro and Windows 98 above anything.
  8. ScruffyJedi
    I'm running on 2000 on this computer :D
    On my upstairs I have XP, and on my dad's i have mac OSX.
  9. The Jean Genie
    The Jean Genie
    Mac OS 10.4.11 (Tiger)
    The laptop has Mac OS 10.5.6 (Leopard)

    Eh. I don't really know much about 'favouring' any. I've had Macs since a small child, and they are really just grossly expensive pieces of shit.
  10. Vasili
    Quote Originally Posted by !Tommy
    But I prefer Windows 2000 Pro and Windows 98 above anything.
    This, completely.
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