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  1. Owain
    It's the most BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING class ever, i mean, our teacher is an Old Hag who tries to act young and sexy, she doesn't even teach us the right way to solve the problems, she just rambles on and on about the Origins of the letter X while being used in math, and when the day of the test approaches we basicaly have to do what's in the picture of this club...
  2. Milkapoke

    I'm supposed to be in...4th grade math. I'm a Freshman. Doesn't really work out :/

    I was getting there, but then Algebra hit me. HARD. I don't get anything that's going on. F*** you, Math D:<
  3. Thunder410
    ...Math is probably the reason that my depression ever shows. Seriously. Pretty much the only time I have breakdowns is when I'm.... guess what? doing MATH.

    What Milkapoke said. Eff you, Math!
  4. Emboarbeque
    Quote Originally Posted by Champion Ben
    x = 5 in the group picture. :)
    ... That's nice to know...
  5. Pride
    Quote Originally Posted by Champion Ben
    x = 5 in the group picture. :)
    Hey, I did that first. Don't be steling ;P
  6. AlexandraTheZoroark
    I REALLY hate math! The only math I like is algebra, pre-algebra, and geometry, but the rest I totally SUCK at. I suck so much, that I've got at least a C in math >8-C
  7. Karamazov
    Math is the tool of evil.

    On my last math test I just put "over 9000" down for ever single answer. Except when it asked my name, 'cause I just wrote "Blastoise McVoldemort" there.
  8. AlexandraTheZoroark
    Today, I had math homework. Dividing fractions, ugh DX
  9. Platinum Giratina
    Platinum Giratina
    Jimmy Buffet: Math Sucks. love that song.
    Dear Math,
    I don't want to solve your problems anymore. I have my own to solve.
  10. Feralize
    I hate algebra. Every algebra class I took last year, I asked my teacher when we would ever use what we were learning in real life. The best answer I ever got "If you want pet guppies, you'll need algebra."

    I replied with a mathematical statement:
    Guppies + My Cats = A mysteriously empty fishtank and Three purring cats
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