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  1. Skitty-chan
    Go ahead.
    Rant a little. :)
  2. Blazaking
    It is so boring and just UGH.

    I hate Trigonometry and Co-ordinate Geometry. Ugh. Why do we even do this stuff?!
  3. eevee91
    Math wants to ruin my life! *cries*
    I couldn't pass a stupid math test by 2 points!!!!!
    I hate math! When I look at it I sometimes have no idea what I'm looking at. (especially trig)
    It just makes me feel stupid. :/
  4. Cartmanland
    I nearly made the honor roll but my Math mark turned out horriyfing. Goodbye certificate and hello summer school T_T
    Curse you, Algebra!
  5. double trouble!
    double trouble!
    I've been stuck doing the same stuff for about 3 years...
    I can't pass, I feel like I'm not learning anything :/
    I need this class to graduate...
    And I'm not even going to use a lot of this stuff in real life.
  6. Rayne
    I used to get bored with what I do.

    Though a lot of math still sucks. All it takes is constant practice. The numbers are all there for you, you just gotta know how to manipulate them. [Which I admit can be the hardest part]

    But if you're not doing so well, I really recommend trying out a ton of examples. Actually creating your own examples does wonders to improve your mastery. I know it helped me when I barely understood something.
  7. Pride
    I hate math so much. I'm forced to do it. love science though. Even though I hate it, I'm pretty good at it.

    oh, btw, using the Pythagorean Theoreom,

    x square = 3 square + 4 square= 25

    xsquare = 25


    so the answer to the problem up there is 5.

    god I'm such a geek
  8. Gomazou
    I was wondering when this group would be made.

    1. Like eevee, I was barely a few points off of a pass on a Math test. That annoyed me so much..
    2. Fractions are required to be taken in my school. And since fractions are my worst subject in Math, my grade for Math falls quite a bit when it comes for them.
    3. My Math grade is honestly bringing my GPA down a bit.
    4. I don't even use half the stuff "learned" in my Math class.
  9. The_Doctor
    x = 5 in the group picture. :)
  10. Skitty-chan
    It's not that I do bad in math..... It's mostly that I find it overly dull.
    Which causes me to space out.
    Not to mention, it's the only class i'm guranteed to have at least an hour a night of homework in.
    And I hate homework.
    Homework + Math + Spacing out = A strong sense of dislike for the subject.
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