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  1. Zhwoobatte
    Sgt. Pepper is my brother.
  2. Abba
    Unfortunately, GoldenMudkipz is my sister.
  3. Ryuutakeshi
    Feliciano is my girlfriend.

    Shooterman and assassin94 are classmates.
  4. Aetheria
    Midnight Rose and ElanaAnne25 are classmates and friends at school.
  5. Rakarei
    Steelfire81 is one of my friends from school.
  6. Ultra Pidgeot
    Ultra Pidgeot
    RG and Lugion are two of my four best friends.

    Gigakotetsu and VirtualAnomaly are total bros too.

    The person with the weird ass Persian symbols for their name is a bitch

    Nathan has a rarely used account on here somewhere...
  7. Insanish Danish
    Insanish Danish
    I dunno if Crazy Gaston counts, since he's my boyfriend and we talk offline a ton, but we haven't had the chance to meet up IRL yet.

    And me and Keldora Dragon go to the same college, although I've never seen her in person.
  8. Dr. Haxorus
    Dr. Haxorus
    Plasmadon is my brother. -_-
  9. Chaotic Inferno
    Chaotic Inferno
    Hideki Hinata and Blue Flare are my friends/classmates. Piano Man is my older brother.
  10. Yuuki Asuna
    Yuuki Asuna
    Natsu is my classmate...
    (he's still not registered here for crying out loud -_-")
    (tried to tell him how but he somehow always forgets -_-")

    and I dunno if these counts but I know them(not IRL -_-")
    ~SapphireEmerald and deoxysxx are friends of mine from another forums :3
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