Created Cards!

Created Cards!

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan
    Bishie Karis-chan
    Ah well, sadly I don't have any artwork to use for the card maker, but I made an entire fake archetype out of boredom, over the course of about a week (with minor changes here and there afterward). XD They are...the Carsenals! A group of EARTH Machine-types that focus on full-force beatdown and using effects to ensure their attacks get through. They might be a liiiittle overpowered, but...well, just look at Elemental Dragons. XD And those are official!





    Extra Monsters


    If you have any suggestions to adjust the banlist, let me know what you think I should adjust, and why. ^^
  2. Enzap
    ^ those look much more balanced since the last time I looked at them. Very good. thorough work. :)
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