Created Cards!

Created Cards!

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  1. Stardust Reverie
    Stardust Reverie
    That's right everybody, with the help of you can make your own cards!

    Post your created cards here everybody!

    Here are some of mine~
    I tried to make them as legitimate as possible
    What do you think?

  2. X Dragoon
    X Dragoon

    I made this as a joke card a while back.
  3. pikmin
    Quote Originally Posted by X Dragoon

    I made this as a joke card a while back.
  4. Scarlet Devil
    Scarlet Devil
    This just reminds me I need to find pictures for my archetypes =~=
  5. Special Agent Looker
    Special Agent Looker
    I create archetypes to avoid boredom sometimes XD Some of those I've created so far include the "Legionnaire" archetype, who support each other closely, the "Airace" archetype, which focuses on drawing cards, and the "Shroom" archetype, which revolves around Spore Counters.
  6. Kyumorph
    Quote Originally Posted by X Dragoon

    I made this as a joke card a while back.
    This is one hell of a lot better than a lot of the other "CHUCK NORRSIS FUCKNIG PWNS UR MOM" cards out there...
  7. DracoMan
    Why is Chuck Norris only Lv1? Shouldn't he be at least Lv10?
  8. Kyumorph
    My guess is that it's so he can be summoned free of charge.
  9. Bandit Keith
    I don't use card maker, but I have several cards in my Undeckables fantasy Deck:

    Thunder Ball(From either Dungeon Dice or CapMon, can't remember which)
    Giga Thunderball
    Ivy, Dryad Queen
    Verdant Triffid
    White Lizard Princess
    Blast Lizard(From Dungeon Dice)
    Vine Collective
    Zap Collective
    Gecko Collective
    Celestial Pitcher Plant
    Golden Lightning Goddess
    Cosmic Komodo


    Breaded Cage
    Millennium Shield Laser
    Millennium Shield Polish
    Demeter's Seed
    Blood Charge
    You Are A Lizard
    Bungle In The Jungle
    Skink Growth Pellets
    Viral Victory


    Serpent's Revolution
    Plasma Trap Hole
    Triffid Attack!
    Plasma Rafflesia Basilisk
    Dagger Up The Strap
    Spore Ball
    Thunderballs, Charge!

    What do you think?
  10. Erdrick

    I made this because I got the idea for something I'm doing and wanted to put it out there to make it official that I got the idea before the actual N93 came out.
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