Cards you love <3

Cards you love <3

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  1. Scarlet Devil
    Scarlet Devil
    Basically, name off some cards that are your favorites xD Sounds simple, right? :P Now pay up all ur LP~

    I'll start with a few of mine (I'll post more once I get out of school :o)

    1. Evigishki Zeal Gigas
    Gishki... Ever since the start of this archetype, I was amazed by it. I'm a person who has a serious love for Ritual monsters (I even mained several Ritual decks before these guys came out)... And to see a Ritual-based Archetype? *Squeel* >w< Now this guy, I love because he's a combination of two of my favorite archetypes, Gishki and Inverz. His effect is amazing, might I add, pay 1000, draw one and reveal, if it's a Gishki monster, bounce 1 card your opponent control to the deck. Now seeing he's a level 10 might make you think... How the hell am I gonna work with this? But to be honest, he's seriously easy to summon, and my deck for him makes one heck of an OTK ._.;; I will admit, he's a bit much for the archetype (with the sudden add of drawpower and not to mention payment of LP), but he's great!

    2. Verz Ophion
    Hehehe... This bastard is the sheer annoyance of any deck that Synchro Summons or do anything that'll require you to Special Summon anything lv5+... The archetype he's in is one of my favorites too, and this guy is one of the better Xyzs they have. (Next to him would be Bahamut, in my opinion. I love that guy too~). His ability allows you to search out 1 Infestation card from your deck and add it to your hand, and as long as he does have Xyz materials, your opponent can't Special Summon anything lv5 or higher (but do note, this goes for you too)... It makes me lol when I summon this guy and my opponent was planning to summon Gorz on me... Oh the good times =w=
  2. Mintaka
    1. Blackwings. Frankly even when I'm facing them it's not so annoying (at least when compared to when I'm facing a Fairy or a Spellcaster deck >>).
    To name favorites, mine has to be Gale, Shura, Blizzard, and Kalut. Maybe Breeze if I am actually able to get it in WC 2011 later. I remember being so proud when my first Crimson Crisis purchase gave me my first Blackwing, Gale. :Dc

    2. Jinzo. One of the cards I found awesome since its debut in the first series. I drew it quite quickly in WC 2011 and I'm loving it!

    3. Monarchs. Relatively easy to summon, and if you just time it right, their effects are effective. I always liked Mobius and Zaborg, and it's relatively easy to get them in the early stages of the game too. (I think Mobius is actually in the starting deck?) Raiza and Caius have great abilities too and the structure deck for them is really well made. I also played the Frog Monarchs deck in WC 2011 during rental deck challenge and that was a lot of fun!

    4. Shrink. I find it surprising that I haven't met opponents in WC 2010 and 2011 that made use of this card. Quite a nice surprise when you're being attacked. And it kills BEWD easily :P

    5. Book of Moon. Shame that it's Limited now. Enemy Controller works nearly just as well, but BoM is so versatile, I haven't experienced all the good aspects, I think. If you have monsters that deal Piercing damage, this card comes in handy in many situations.
  3. Bishie Karis-chan
    Bishie Karis-chan
    Machinas. That is all. :D

    ...well, it's not all, but it's one of my favorite archetypes xD
  4. BoomShakaLarka
    Tour Guide from the Underworld and Relinquished.
  5. Renewal
    Stardust Dragon and all its evolutions. Awesome effects and gorgeous artwork: what's not to love?
  6. Phoenixphlare
  7. Momoka
    I love Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon, other Photon monsters, Stardust Dragon, Ccapac Apu, and Hundered Eyed Dragon.
  8. The Batman
    The Batman
    Blue-eyes mother freaking dragon!
  9. Erdrick
    Which is why you're Seto!
    Meteor Black Dragon, Dark Paladin, Exodia, Buster Blader...the list could go on.
  10. Bandit Keith
    Jinzo, Injection Fairy Lily, Crush Card Virus, Deck Destruction Virus, Millennium Shield and Mega Thunderball are my favorites!
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