Cards that you hate D :

Cards that you hate D :

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  1. Mintaka
    Phew, found this club XD

    Someone has to start the rant... :|

    My #1 on the Hated List is definitely Honest. It's worse than three Kaluts >_<
  2. Scarlet Devil
    Scarlet Devil
    Cards I hate... Cards I hate... Well, it's not that hard for me to figure out~

    I HAAAATE the following:
    •Judgment Dragon
    -Cheap and easy to summon/return boss monster, able to constantly use his effect with such a little cost... What's NOT to hate about him? ._.;; Plus he's a good target for Honest ,_,

    •Inzektor Hornet
    -A new card that is honestly totally bs, lol. The deck it's in is total bs too, basically you get to Destroy 1 card on the field and (depending who it's equipped to) you get to Special Summon or Grab 1 "Inzektor" from your deck. Sounds fair, right? I shall add it CAN be used more than once a turn, so at the least, this will be used 3 times a turn.

    •Heavy Storm
    -Not... Much hate, more than the experiences I had with it caused me to dislike this to an extent. I don't like how when you feel confident and set some important cards (followed by a starlight road), it always seems to get wrecked. Ugh v_v;;

    •Wind-Up Hunter
    -If you guys have yet to see it, there is a freakin' loop out centered around this guy. The deck basically consist of endless Special Summon of this guy and a few other Wind-Ups, and it's main purpose... Rendering your hand useless by stripping you of it... Needless to say, there are very few counters to this.

    •Shooting Quasar Dragon
    -MANY experiences with this guy, mostly when Fishborg Blaster was still out and about. This guy basically would mean "game over". 4K ATK, at the least, will be able to attack twice and can negate (almost) anything? Yeah... Lets just call this game. Imagine 2 of them on the field at once... QQ

    •Rescue Rabbit
    -Now, I will admit, this guy is pretty tamed, but the deck its in is just no fair. Basically, use this to Special Summon 2 Normal dinosaur-type monsters to summon the Xyz monster known as Evokaiser Laggia (or Dolkka). It's basically easy to set-up, and it just isn't fair. BUt then again, it does come off to me as an anti-meta deck, as it's meant to counter pretty much anything it'll come across.

    •Vylon Disigma
    -Personal hatred, mostly because his tribe attempted to kill off my favorite one. Have you no shame, Vylons?!

    •Quickdraw Synchron
    -As good of a card it is, it's so damn annoying. Has anyone here ever dueled a Quickdraw deck? When you duel those, you'll see just how quick things become set-up in these decks just from him. From a guy I normally watch duel, he basically turns this into a First Turn Shooting Quasar Dragon... Dat ain't right.

    •Master Hyperion
    -The boss of the Agent archetype. This guy... Just this guy... So easy to summon... So easy to take advantage of... So easy to wreck the opponent's deck. He holds a spot in many Fairy decks (mostly anything Light-based), as that is his main fuel. Banish 1, destroy 1. He's so easy to summon, you'll more than likely have 2 or 3 in one turn. The whole Agent archetype is what I don't like in general, mostly because... They just seem to fit into anything, I mean, srsly... HERO Agents, Destiny [HERO] Agents, Ninja Agents, Jurrac Agents, Fabled Agents, whats next? Dark Scorpion Agent? (lol... Dark Scoprions become top tier because of this :P)

    I guess that's all .///.;;
  3. Enzap
    Avenging Knight Parshath. I hate fighting monsters with Piercing damage as it is, but the fact that he can change your battle position makes it 10 times worse.
  4. Mintaka
    •Quickdraw Synchron
    -As good of a card it is, it's so damn annoying. Has anyone here ever dueled a Quickdraw deck? When you duel those, you'll see just how quick things become set-up in these decks just from him. From a guy I normally watch duel, he basically turns this into a First Turn Shooting Quasar Dragon... Dat ain't right.
    Yusei duels with such deck...and it's so annoying <<
    This has to be the most annoying Tuner monster ever.

    Contributing to the thread...

    THIS MUST BE A FIEND MONSTER, NOT A FAIRY. Geez, imagine the annoyance when combined with The Sanctuary in the Sky. 0_o

    *Soul of Purity and Light
    For an effect that is annoying, pretty easy to summon for those who have a Fairy deck. Augh.

    Overpowered, geez. Athena can be immediately summoned with this. There comes the combo with 'cycling' Nova Summoner and Shining Angel with Athena's effect. =_=;
  5. Scarlet Devil
    Scarlet Devil
    I actually liked Valhalla :< ...Mostly because I'm a big fan of Darklords XDD

    Gellenduo is an even more annoying combo with Sanctuary x___x;;
  6. Neltharion S. Deathwing
    Neltharion S. Deathwing
    -Master of Hyperion. That cheapass card -.-
    -Honest. As much as I love killing my opponent using this card, it gets used against me as much as I use it against my opponents.
    -Obelisk the Tormentor. Because none of my cards could kill it except dark hole.
    -Black Rose Dragon. I really need starlight road now...
    -Safety Zone. Personally my most hated card ever. Seriously, WTF, being unable to direct attack for the price of keeping it nearly forever on the field is nothing X_X
    -Dark World Gate. I almost never MST any other thing other than this card when facing Dark Worlds.
    -Grapha, God Dragon of the Dark World. I love this card when I'm using Dark World. The thing is, when combined with Eradicator Epidemic Virus, this thing is beastly, not to mention the amount of punch it packs at the cost of returning 1 dark world monster, which is very advantageous.
    -Eradicator Epidemic Virus. See above.
    -Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter. 2 effects that benefits. It gets killed by Dark World Lightning, but it's still annoying.
  7. Scarlet Devil
    Scarlet Devil
    Oh! Which reminds me of another card I hate

    Necrovalley.... I play A LOT of decks that revolve around Graveyard, and me not being able to even touch it with other cards SUCKS. Not to mention it does make Gravekeepers into better beatsticks. But I can get around that simply by just using MST... But the use of this that really gets me is freakin' Royal Tribute. There are times I have a hand full of monsters (sometimes a hand with monsters I really needed), and suddenlty, it's all gone thanks to this card. This could sometimes lead to cards such as Mind Crush to rid you of any troublesome cards in your hand. But this... This is what I really hate. When you're playing a Malefic Skill Drain deck that uses Necrovalley as assistance. As the opponent summons a 4000 ATK Malefic Cyber End Dragon, they play Royal Tribute, and just like that... Your chances of winning became slim. (WHERE THE HELL IS MIRROR FORCE WHEN YOU NEED IT? DX)
  8. Mintaka
    Recently I faced an opponent who played Burden of the Mighty...and OMG, THAT CARD RUINS MY LEVEL 5,6,7 MONSTERS D:<
    I also hate Nightmare Wheel (DAMN YOU LAZAR WHO USES THIS CARD >_<), and speaking of Lazar, LAVA GOLEM OMG I HATE THE EFFECT, AND HOW IT WOULD PRACTICALLY DESTROY TWO MONSTERS ON MY FIELD (...yeah, it can be easily solved by tributing with it but not when you're getting dead draws)

    Another one worthy of joining the list, as much as I'd actually love to have the card in the games, DARKNESS NEOSPHERE D8
    Not funny when you're having a good duel, and your opponent easily removes some monsters and WHAM! You face a monster with 4000 Attack Points.
    On top of that, it cannot be destroyed in Battle. This is worse than Armor Master by a huge margin D8
  9. Scarlet Devil
    Scarlet Devil
    Neo-Spacian Troll Mole Grand Mole.

    Enough said =o=;;
  10. Mintaka
    ^ I haven't faced it yet, but that would be a real Synchro monster counter.

    Depending on the situation, Morphing Jar can be really annoying. =_=
    Its #2 "version" isn't so behind in the annoying ranks either.

    And a personal thing, Lightning Vortex. Yes, I got the card WAY after finishing the story so I'm more happy with it now, but while I was struggling to get it (I got it via a structure deck), computer players would use it against me and it'd be poking where it hurts <<
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