Who Wer the most important people in history?

Who Wer the most important people in history?

  1. new mew
    new mew
    I think it's the cave people because they invented fire.
  2. nagrom
    First I think you need to define "most important". If by "most important", you mean "has had the greatest impact on the present day", then the most important person was probably the unknown individual who invented writing, or discovered the wheel. If by "most important" you mean "has had the greatest impact on human civilization as a whole", it was probably the unknown group of people who first switched from a migratory hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a sedentary farming lifestyle, establishing the first city-state. If by "most important" you mean "most influential person whose name we actually know", it's probably Jesus. Not as some sort of deity, mind you, but as a historical figure, history would be radically different without him. For example, there wouldn't have been any Crusades, no Inquisition, fewer wars of succession, et cetera.
  3. PockyAddict
    This is my kind of club,:D

    Too me, an Important person in history is someone who has contributed so much to society, From an Inventer to a leader of a country.

    Yeah It's short, but I am such a history buff.
  4. AshTheManKetchum
    This is a great idea for a club and as an aspiring archaeologist, I will try to contribute as much as I can. In answer to your question, you can't really isolate one individual in history who has stood out amongst others as each person leaves their own mark on civilization. I think the answer given by Nagrom is probably the best that can be given as that was the impetus for the advancement of human civilization.
  5. FistOfTheBeastKing
    Karl Marx changed my life! Commuinsm = WIN!

    Don't like it? SHUT UP!
  6. PokieFan09
    Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler
  7. Ho-oh
    Adam, Moses, Jacob, Leonidas, Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, Martin Luther, Isaac Newton, George Washington, Napoleon, Otto von Bismarck, Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, FDR, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Sergey Korolev, Bill Clinton.
  8. Mijzelffan
    Constantine is the most important person in History. Far more important than all the others mentioned. Without him Christianity would probably have been banned from Europe, and the whole History from then would have had a different outcome. For example the middle ages, which was influenced by it a lot.

    I actually wonder what the world would've looked like without him.
  9. Nyokou
    @Mijzelffan I don't think you actually meant to imply that Constantine is far more important than the people nagrom mentioned.

    And actually, I fully agree with nagrom. I could not have said it better myself.
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