What is your favorite area of interest in History?

What is your favorite area of interest in History?

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  1. Ho-oh
    Modern history - Civil War, rise of the USA, World War I, Great Depression, Socialism (National Socialism, Fascism, and Communism), WWII, and up to today.

    Christian and Biblical history is also very interesting, although many of the events can't be confirmed (like God, Jesus healing people just like that and going back to heaven, etc).
  2. Neltharion S. Deathwing
    Neltharion S. Deathwing
    Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans, and also the Muslim empire.
  3. Mijzelffan
    Roman and Medieval. Roman is my favourite of those two though.
  4. Champion Lance
    Champion Lance
    Ah, I see a lot of people here are interested in Roman history. Very good. I am a classical philologist, and Latin is my preferred language. My historical focus is the late Republic and early Principate, particularly from Marius to the Second Triumvirate and especially the Augustan Princioate. My literary focus is epic--whether the Aeneis, Thebais, Argonautica, or the godawful Punica in Latin or the Ilias, Odysseia, Posthomerica, or Dionysiaca in Greek. Despite my preference for epic--both in reading and composing, I might add--my favorite poet remains Ovid.

    I prefer to read primary sources whenever possible, and I prefer Latin.

    Though those are my areas of speciality, I am knowledgable about the kingdom and the early republic, as well as late antiquity (esp. from Ammanius Marcellinus and Symmachus) and so-called Byzantine history.

    I also focus on Napoleonic France, Federalist USA, and the United States foreign policy during the Cold War, but those leisurely interests as opposed to scholarly ones (though students of Attic will note the Greeks used the same word for both).
  5. bigv
    Anything in the Ancient World, up to about 500 AD and anything from the Renaissance to Modern times, especially, the many great wars.
  6. Advanceshipping FTW
    Advanceshipping FTW
    My area of expertice is military history. To be more specific, I research the battles and try to keep politics out as much as possible (warriors and politics don't mix well). My favorite times to study:

    Sengoku Period, Japan(1555-1600) this is one of the few i like looking at the politics because people had honor then.

    American Civil War, US (1861-1865) Still strikes me amazing how we americans are crazy enough to kill eachother in huge masses. At least it keep the Euros out because the were like

    WW1, Western Front (1914-1918) Mass killing, Modern Warfare, and trenchfoot. Whats not to love?

    WW2, All fronts (1939-1945) Biggest war in History. Nuff said.

    Cold War (1949?-1991) The only other one that i like the politics, because it was almost all politics.


    I also like Alternete Historys. You know, like, what would have happened if such and such and died before he was supposed to.
  7. The Blastoise
    The Blastoise
    Quote Originally Posted by Ho-oh
    Modern history - Civil War, rise of the USA, World War I, Great Depression, Socialism (National Socialism, Fascism, and Communism), WWII, and up to today.
    Same here, but especially WWII.
  8. Leggo
    US History. Some parts of the Cold War. The Enlightenment and the Renaissance. There is more, but I'm kind of lazy to think of them all and type them out.
  9. Nyokou
    Some people have mentioned the ancient world already, that's good.

    But no one has specifically mentioned Egyptian history. Well then, I'll be the first!

    I am extremely infatuated with Egyptian history and it seems like there is still a lot more that needs to be discovered about this ancient civilization. Especially regarding the whereabouts of mummies, tombs, and even entire cities. I also find the relationship between ancient Egyptians and ancient Romans to be most intriguing. The notion of Alexander's lost tomb possibly being beneath the city of Alexandria is also exciting. Yet sad in a way because of how much has been built upon it by modern society.

    At one point I was even determined to become an archeologist myself or an Egyptologist but I feel it would interfere too much with the life I have already with my boyfriend and our future family. The best I could do is probably donate money to any foundation or organization dedicated to the research of ancient Egypt and/or field work of archeologists in Egypt.
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