General Shipping

General Shipping

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  1. Squall Leonhart
    Squall Leonhart
    What the--!? You actually linked to it!? That's not what I meant when I 'liked" it! XD
  2. Akuraito
    apparently there's a possiblity of me and HCL as a shipping.

    Vigilphobiashipping is still canon, though.
  3. Akuraito
    HCL x NfiNity = FangirlingShipping

    It's better than VGShipping. Never thought I'd say that.
  4. Squall Leonhart
    Squall Leonhart
    My.... My fanclub isn't dead. !? XD

    But, um, what the!? +
  5. Akuraito


    What? D: It's so true.
  6. Momoka
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