How many of you own furry rodents?

How many of you own furry rodents?

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  1. Charzard03
    I had two guinea pigs for 6 years but unfortunately they passed away two years ago but i now help out at an animal care club and work with these adorable creatures every day along with hampsters, gerbils and rabbits :3

    who else works with or owns pet rodents?
  2. ShadowDeeps
    I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of those long kept guinea pigs, Char, but I hope with all my heart that they've been resting in deepening peace and that you'll find another bevy of cute, fury bundles to have bearing to much sooner than late if you haven't. *hugs Char* It's also awesome to hear you work at a club for animals of the like. :3

    As for me, I used to have two guinea pigs back around the beginning of this millennium. One was a black, adorable, and reticent female, named Venus. The other was a surly but still very cute male named Squeakers, who was a mingling of brown and white tones in coloration. I had fun taking care of them but I ended up parting them away for my former neighbors to take care of since my parents would only give me allowance for guinea pigs for so long. I wouldn't at all taking care of guinea pigs again, though.

    Then again, I've taken care of Rabbits for my former elementary school teachers before, too. I find it to be rather sheer enticement and all that hokey.
  3. PockyAddict
    I never had a pet rodent but I tried to ask my parents for a gerbil after i saw one at school and I still haven't gotten one. :( I just love little gerbils, they are so cuddly. ^_^
  4. Charzard03
    i will definately be getting guinea pigs again when im older and have a house of my own, they are seriously one of the best pets :3

    we have a gerbil at animal care, her name is chewwy and she's really adorable, i hope your allowed to get one one day marie
  5. Charzard03
    I got two lovely guinea pigs the monday before last,
    they came into animal care because their owner no longer wanted them (we also rescue piggies) the owner of animal care didnt think they would suit being around so many people as they were very skatty, so she said seeing as i have experience in caring for guinea pigs and as i really wanted some new ones that they could be my pets :D theyre lovely boys, brown and black and i named them pumpkin and specks :3
  6. FistOfTheBeastKing
    My hamster's name is Bob. He replaced our late hamster Stinky (she smelled kinda weird since she like to live in her wheel as a young hamster). I could ramble on about Bob, but I don't want to make you guys jealous.
  7. Charzard03
    hehe bob sounds awesome :3

    Chewy unfortunately passed away 2 weeks ago, she was a fair age for a gerbil though, RIP chewy
  8. ghaskan
    Well, I know rabbits aren't true rodents, but I own a very cute (year not dwarf) white rabbit ^_^

    Here's one of her most recent photos:

    She's called Pipoca (Popcorn). I know, I ain't the most original person on Earth XD
  9. Charzard03
    Awwww Pipoca is adorable :3 I love rabbits, the two we had at the animal centre got rehomed yesterday so they'll have a really large backgarden to run around :D we had a large run for them here but their new owner has tons or room for them :D
  10. EdelsteinBraginski_
    I have a white hamster named Diddles. He's still a cute baby. =)
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