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  1. Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher
    Wierd, but cool! I used to have a Silver Version, but it disappeared...
  2. Yuko
    Here is another article.

    PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnk is a dual-type Normal/Ground Glitch Pokémon found in Pokémon Red and Blue. It can be obtained by performing the Johto guard glitch with Natu. When using the corresponding special stat in the Mew glitch, the player will instead fight a Cue Ball that has a PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnk, which causes a game freeze when sent out. If PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnk is caught, the overworld sprite of a water Pokémon will go down the screen and to the left infinitely until it goes off screen.

    Here is a pic
  3. SnorlaxMonster
    Quote Originally Posted by The Twilight Knight
    If you own a copy of either Pokemon Red, or Pokemon Blue, and have never heard of Missingno., then good for you! It’s not a glitch that I encourage seeking out due to its unstable properties.
    If you were to catch this Pokemon, you would run into all sorts of problems. You would come across many graphical errors and may even have to start a new game.
    While I don’t recommend going after this glitch at all, if you do, you absolutely shouldn’t catch it.
    You really exaggerate how badly Missingno. can mess up your game. Other glitch Pokemon can freeze the game, catch you in infinite loops etc., but all Missingno. does is increase the item in your sixth slot's quantity by 128 upon encounter, mess up your Hall of Fame data if you catch it, and mess up sprites and graphics if its stats are viewed or it is used in battle. The messed up sprites and graphics can be fixed by viewing the stats of a regular Pokemon though.

    When you run into Missingno., it may not be named “Missingno.” You could (if you didn’t use any of the game’s default names) run into its sister glitch, ‘M, which has slightly different properties but works the same.
    While at the end you mention it is actually called 'M, at the start you imply 'M is merely a Missingno. with a different name. This is not the case; they are different glitch Pokemon with the same sprite and Pokedex number (sharing a Pokedex number of 000 causes them to both increase the quantity of the item in the 6th slot).

    This value is coded in something called hexadecimal code, which sets a more comprehensive variety of values by using digits 0-9 and characters a-f in combination to crate big numbers (a lot like bytes.)
    "Hexadecimal code" really gives the impression it is a programming language or script, which it is not. It is a numerical base, and is actually not used in the game at all (binary is). The game does not use a system like bytes, it does use bytes, and hexadecimal is the most efficient way to present bytes for humans to read numerically.

    Surf up and down the island until you that hexadecimal code tries to call on a Pokemon. When you finally run into something, the hexadecimal code (still equal to your name) will try to pull a nonexistent Pokemon out of the data buffer,
    It doesn't have to be a non-existent Pokemon. See the list on Bulbapedia for which real Pokemon you can encounter.

    and do you know what happens when you try to battle a Pokemon that doesn’t exist? Missingno. happens!
    39 times out of 105 it does. For other index numbers you get a different glitch Pokemon, like 'M, or as you mentioned later in this thread, PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnk.

    The developers created a subroutine for this exact situation, like an error code, but this error code is far to complex to be assigned a number. After running into Missingno., run away immediately.
    I wouldn't say that. It wasn't created for that exact situation; if it was, they would have fixed the old man glitch (like they did in Yellow) rather than created a placeholder. Missingno. is just what was once one of the original 190 Pokemon but cut and had its data blanked, leaving Missingno. with either blank or misread data (for example, its stats are the parties of several Bikers). The name "Missingno." was obviously intentionally input, however, and it was just created as a handler if a name of a non-existent Pokemon was called. Missingno. was never built to have a whole bunch of defaults like stats and a sprite in case in actually became obtainable (whereas modern index number 000 Pokemon - which Missingno. is not - generally do).
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