Favorite characters

Favorite characters

  1. Barb
    Spun off from the original discussion.

    Who's your most and least favorite characters on the show?

    My favorite is Mr. Schuester, hands down. Matthew Morrisong is talented and funny and believable.

    Least favorite is a toss-up between the principal and Terri. Both actors are good (especially Jessalyn Gilsig, saddled with an unfairly written role) but their characters fall flat nearly every episode.
  2. Slenderman
    I don't like the cheerleading coach but she's funny. "You're gonna take a ride on the Sue Sylvester express. Destination: horror."
  3. Nagini
    I like Kurt and Sue the best.

    I can't stand Terri and Puck though.
  4. Elphie
    Kurt is epic win: Defying Gravity, anyone?
  5. Ademam
    Artie and Mike, seems ironic though due to the new season 2 episodes, huh?
  6. Barb
    Quote Originally Posted by Elphaba
    Kurt is epic win: Defying Gravity, anyone?
    Yes, especially after the episode (Cheesus Christ) where his dad is hospitalized. Chris Colfer is amazing.
  7. Barb
    And speaking of Mr. Colfer, he just won a Golden Globe award for this role. Congrats, Chris! You deserve it!
  8. Shiny Celebi
    Shiny Celebi
    Chris Colfer
    Puck- hotness
    Brittany- funny as hell
    Sam- can be funny at times, great voice
  9. Blaah
    My favourites are Kurt, and Brittany and Santana(The latter two when they're usually together)
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