Favorite incarnation of Gio.

Favorite incarnation of Gio.

  1. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Which do you prefer: Anime!Gio, Game!Gio, or PokéSpeManga!Gio?

    Anime!Gio for me, just because TR seems a lot more threatening than in the games and because I don't read PokéSpe.
  2. Kayi-chan
    PokeSpe Gio!

    He's cool and kind, but threatening and dangerous at the same time. He's also a good, loving parent to Silver.
  3. Giovanni Sakaki
    Giovanni Sakaki
    I'm most familiar with Anime Giovanni, and I write in Anime canon. But I like Game Giovanni too.

    Pokemon Special Giovanni is different in many ways so I tend to separate him from the other two when considering characterisation. I have only read Pokemon Special up to the League but I liked how his portrayal was not black and white in the moral sense.

    Overall I don't have a favourite. He is an intelligent man with a strong will and a lot of drive. But he makes many mistakes too, and is very ruthless. Personally, I admire him, even though if I were to meet him I might end up dead because of the things I know about TR. Seems like an alright way to go, to me.

    I think Anime Giovanni might have problems with his mortality, while Game Giovanni, and especially Special Giovanni might not.
  4. Nafa-tali
    Anime Giovanni. I also write mainly in the Anime canon.
    Fan fic wise, there is so much you can do with this character, its great!
  5. Giovanni Sakaki
    Giovanni Sakaki
    Quote Originally Posted by Nafa-tali
    Fan fic wise, there is so much you can do with this character, its great!
    Lol, yes, talk about untapped depths!! He is so much more interesting than the writers themselves have ever allowed him to be..
  6. nikkissippi121
    Can I pick all three? Okay, maybe just a combo of the anime and game versions, because those are my favorite. If I had to choose, I'd probably say the anime Gio, just slightly over the game one, if for no other reasons than his epic orange suit and his Persian.
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