Should Gary be seen more in the anime?

Should Gary be seen more in the anime?

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  1. Chime Nume
    Chime Nume
    Ever since Gary left the anime is boring.
    Who agrees that Gary should be seen more in the anime?
  2. jczala
    Gary's a great rival and now he's been replaced by Paul in DP series. I really missed him being Ash's rival and all. He was arrogant at first but he toned down after the losing in the Indigo League. After the Johto League, he decided to become a researcher, thus ending his rivalry with Ash in becoming a Pokemon Master.

    I miss Gary a lot. He's one awesome trainer. He has the skills and the looks. I love him. I wish that Gary would have more screentime or at least appear in a movie once.
  3. akatsuki_hime
    Oh, Gary I miss you so much!

    I kinda got annoyed when Dawn was fangirling him in the DP series. Dawn is so not for Gary. She belongs to Kenny.

    Gary should appear more. He's super super cool.
  4. Charizards Burn
    Charizards Burn
    I think he needs to come back to training... its not the same with Paul as Ashs rival..
  5. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    I like gary. I was watching my 1st season DVD's and watched the episode when Charmeleon first evolved to Charizard. It has a few great gary pieces in it.=)
    gary would probably be my favourite human character since most of my favourite episodes usually revolve around him for some reason.=P

    What I really want to see is a Gary versus Paul match.=)
    Don't know why. Just something that runs through my mind every now and then.XD

    I also want gary to actually appear in a role in a Pokemon movie. I've been wanting that since I was a kid and the best we have is his back at the beginning of movie 1 in a flash back of the gym.......

    It'd be awsome to see gary have a proper role in a movie.

    Gary was a good rival though. I would love more focus on him. I am glad he did show up the few times he did in DP even if it's barely any. It's better than Hoenn in some ways that's for sure which if I remember correctly had practically no focus on him at all until the very end of battle frontier. Though I want to see him way more.
    It's not boring, it's just less entertaining
  7. Blazaking
    Maybe not soo often, but it be nice to see him every now and then.

    But yeah, Gary vs Paul is something I wanna see. And I really hope that Gary beats the hell out of Paul! He deserves it!
  8. pokemonmewpikachuluv
    gary battle paul
    kill his pokemon
  9. *Leeney*
    There should be an episode when Gary and Paul appear in. I wonder how the reaction will be like?
  10. jczala
    Although I do like Paul, I prefer Gary instead. He's one awesome trainer. He's actually one of Ash's motivations if you asked me. I really love it whenever he taunts Ash. He's so funny.
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