Favorite planes?

Favorite planes?

  1. Vaexa
    Title tells.

    Mine would be the Su-27 and the F-35 Lightning.
  2. Pikachu Boy
    Pikachu Boy
    The F/A - 18 Hornet
    The F/A - 18 Super Hornet
    The B - 1B Lancer
    The Stratofortress
    The F - 11 - 7A (I think) Stealth Fighter
  3. Vaexa
    Wee for B-1B!
  4. Rocker32703
    Does everything have to be super fast or from the military? xD

    Beechcraft Baron 58
    - King Air 350

    De Havilland Dash 8 Q400

    Cessna Skyhawk 172
    - Grand Caravan

    Bombardier Learjet CRJ700
    - Learjet 31A

    I actually dislike flying jumbojets such as the 737 and 747, they're too big and slow for me. But I have a lot of respect for people that can fly them really well.
  5. Pikachu Boy
    Pikachu Boy
    I don't like big planes too much ether, but I'm a fan of the AC-130 Gunship and the C-130 Hercules
  6. Vaexa
    Military planes own your face. Deal with it.
    I don't like big planes either, but the AC-130's firepower is just plain outrageous. Too bad that it doesn't have any means of defending itself.
  7. Advanceshipping FTW
    Advanceshipping FTW
    Fav planes that exist today:
    fighter: F-14 "Tomcat"
    Bomber: B-36 "Peacemaker" (i was lucky enough to talk to some who flew the B-36)

    Fav planes invented for my book, "Total Warfare":
    Fighter: Tied between F-54 "Raven" (a combo of the F-15 and F-14) and The SU-60 "Gunslinger" (reporting name: "Fastback")
    Bomber: B-7 "Ghost" (replaces the B-2 "Spirit" and is a blended wing)
  8. Horizon
    Has to be the Q200 for me, but any kind of Dash 8 will do. @Rocker32703, I agree with the smaller planes being awesome! I personally would take the CRJ-100/200 over the -700, but both are fantastic. I've only been on the -700 once, but I'd like to try it again. We have lots of Classic Dash 8s here in Canada, which I am quite thankful for. :)
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