What game music do you like?

What game music do you like?

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  1. F-22
    My favorite battle theme is the first Prime Cup theme from Stadium 2.

    I also like GSC Kanto Gym Battle theme and the Crystal beast battle theme.

    The Crystal beast theme was one of the awesome beta tracks from Ruby and Sapphire. o_o

    It seems that I have a favoritism for gen II tracks but honestly I like most Pokemon themes except for B/W stuff
  2. Gomazou
    I'm gonna guess that the PMD games (Pokémon mystery dungeon) count?
    If so, then the music in the Beach Cave.
    For main games- Gold, Silver, and Crystal: Red/Lance Battle Theme.

    Oh, and the end of the game music from Kingdom Hearts Two.
  3. IslandWalker
    Guys, you should all hear PokeRemixStudio. He makes epic remixes of Pokemon themes!!!
  4. Mijzelffan
    A lot of video games have awesome music. Ace Attorney deserves a special mention though. But Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Fire Emblem and a lot of RPG's and other games are certainly included too.

  5. Chibster
    I can't choose a favorite(s), but here are the games I listen music from:
    Earthbound/Mother (Very awesome!)
    Professor Layton
    Super Smash Bros.
    Fire Emblem
    Dragon Quest
    Legend of Zelda
    Chrono Trigger
  6. Pride
    Hg/SS Red battle music. Geez, that music is just EPIC!

    also can't forget Final Fantasy and some other great RPG music
  7. $aturn¥oshi
    "Battle theme" from Final Fantasy X.
    Seymore Guado's "Final Battle" from the same game.
  8. SharKing
    ^ Epicness on a stick. I also love Otherworld (the battle theme for Jecht, AKA Braska's Final Aeon).
  9. Mijzelffan
    Rpg music tiem

    My favourite Chrono Trigger music:

    Spekkio battle
    Lucca's theme
    Frog's theme
    Boss battle 1
    Boss battle 2
    The Black Omen

    Final Fantasy:

    FFIV chocobo
    FFIV Mysida
    FFIV boss
    FFVIII boss music
    Chocobo's own game's intro
    Chocobo boss battle

    Damn, I can't find more chocobo tales music.

    Sands of destruction:

    Boss battle
    Whatever this is

    How 'bout that. Next time I might do Ace Attorney music :3
  10. Snowcracker
    Primal Dialga's theme from PMD2 is SPECTACULAR! but I also love spacial cliffs, team skulls theme, icicle forest, and murky forest. I like Colloseum's admin theme too though, not to mention XD001's theme from XD.
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