What game music do you like?

What game music do you like?

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  1. F-22
    I have so much I can't even pick favorites. Pokemon and Einhander got me into listening to video game music on a wide scale, though. So yeah, what game music do you like?
  2. SharKing
    There's quite a list for me. Um...

    The Seal is Broken from Blue Dragon
    Chaotic Moon from Mana Khemia 2: The Fall of Alchemy
    Horned Enigma from "Deceitful Wings", an AST for Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny

    To name a few.
  3. Gligar13
    I have lots of game osts on my Zune 80. I listen to them so much, I can't pick a favorite.
  4. $aturn¥oshi
    "Koopa's Road" - Super Mario Galaxy 2 version.
  5. F-22
    ^ My favorite song from MG2 along with Galaxy Song 31 (or as it's labeled from the gamerip I have).
  6. $aturn¥oshi
    I fell in love with it when I first heard it in Super Mario 64, and I was ecstatic to hear it again in Super Mario Galaxy.

    Here's all three versions at once.
  7. Cyber Jet
    Cyber Jet
    Lots of stuff but mostly zelda,earthbound(mother),pokemon,mario,super smash bros,metel gear and lots more
  8. $aturn¥oshi
    Another Mario song: The Battle Course theme from Super Mario Kart. Wii version.
  9. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Quote Originally Posted by $aturn¥oshi
    Another Mario song: The Battle Course theme from Super Mario Kart. Wii version.
    So much love for this song~

    I'm a big fan of music from:
    • The Fire Emblem series
    • The Legend of Zelda series
    • The Mario series
    • The Pokémon series (Favorites = VS Kanto Gym Leaders {GSC/HGSS} and VS Maxie/Archie {RSE})
    • The Silent Hill series
    • The StarFox series (Favorite = StarWolf Theme)

    I like some tracks for games I've never played as well. "Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary" from the Kingdom Hearts games, "Ezio's Family" from Assassin's Creed 2, and the Dead Space version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

    Not sure if "Moonlight Sonata" from Resident Evil counts, but I'll throw it in there too, along with this remix of "Song of Storms."
  10. $aturn¥oshi
    Pokémon themes!

    Viridian Forest and Dark Cave are two of my favourite non battle themes.

    My favourite battle theme would have to be the Dialga/Palkia Battle. (Bonus SSBB version.)
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