New Books

New Books

  1. Kimori-Hinoarashi
    Spoiler alert. This may contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished The Last Olympian.

    In August(?) 2009, I went to a Percy Jackson book signing. Rick Riordan mentioned two things (along with the new movie):

    1. There will be another series, but this time Percy will be a minor character. It will be a while after the events of book 5, and will have the sons/daughters of minor gods/goddesses fulfilling the prophecy made at the end of book 5.

    2. There will be a series with the sons/daughters of Egyptian gods/goddesses. He only mentioned this briefly, so I'm not sure about anything else in this series.

    If these are as long as this series, then we should have plenty of Greek/Egyptian mythology books now that Percy Jackson is over. BTW, Rick said that he 1st came up with the idea of Percy Jackson when he was telling stories to his kids.
  2. KronosClownz
    And the Egyptian seres is called The red Kane chronicles.
  3. Kimori-Hinoarashi
    Yeah, just found that out yesterday.
  4. Snowfire
    We are expecting the new Camp Half-Blood series around Fall of this year. As for the Kane Chronicles, there will be three books, with the first coming out May 5.
  5. ChachachaCHIA!
    I got the second kane chronicles!! WHOOO!!! ALso the series with P. Jackson as a minor character is called the heros of olympus, I have read the first book: the lost hero, pm/vm me for spoilers!
  6. TFSpock
    Yeah, Son of Neptune. I wonder if Percy will appear this time around?
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