The Fanfiction Authors

The Fanfiction Authors

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  1. Catspring
    I'm currently writing Behind Pained Eyes and even though I'm not that good yet I've got big hopes for it :3
  2. Rachael
    Pokemon was the first series for which I wrote fanfiction. Many of them are off the web now, thank God. Now, I chiefly write lemons. I'm working on a Bertha x Lucian fic. :D I'm going to post it on AFF, and if anyone wants a link, they'll have to PM me.
  3. Famed Mimic Gogo
    Famed Mimic Gogo
    I'm writing Kenshin,Phantom,and Emmet:3 sides of the same coin.I plan to make several stories surrounding that,showing the backstories of several characters.
  4. Nour386
    I'm writing Aura Zero! check it out! Chapter two is out!
  5. Lifestream
    I'm currently writing two stories in the writers workshop.

    Long Shadows

    Summary: Fallenclaw is a mysterious Umbreon with a huge temper and incredible power. He came to the forest in order to escape dreadful memories. Willow is a young Eevee who longs for adventure, but doesn't want to leave to protection of the forest she calls home. Lynn is a Vulpix and Willow's best freind. She's annoyingly stubborn and thinks that everything she says is right. Lynn, Willow, and Fallenclaw slowly come together, forming a (almost) freindly trio. Follow the trio as they walk the road of Kanto!


    Summary: Misow is an arrogant teenage girl from a village of ninjas, training as an apprentice. She is sent away on her final mission as an apprentice to collect all the gym badges and beat the elite four. Everything seemed so simple until Misow was given a Chimecho, the only Pokemon she was allowed to use to complete the task! Misow sets off, working at her fullest to complete the daunting task by the side of her Chimecho.
  6. Prez
    I'm working on a huge Poke Spe story here's a bit :P

    “The moon was full and the sky was dark, like….like… Ha! A dusk stone! Perfect! Like a dusk stone. He was staring at me, with hope. But, I did not know what to do. He was fading, and so was I.”
    Is that good?
  7. Rexasaur
    If you could, please check out my story. The link is here -> Shadow of the Pokemon
  8. Pain Split
    Pain Split
    Hai guiz I R Usah-Neim and I leikz fanfikz! :PP
    Screw the above message, I refuse to write like an idiotic dope.
    I have so many fanfic ideas, but I'm just too lazy to write them out.
  9. Marius
    Hey guys! Marius here... I'm thinking about writing a sort of mystery series about a cop trainer and his Growlithe.
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