Real Friends

Real Friends

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  1. ScruffyJedi
    How many of oyu have real friends who share very similar interests, or treat you the way you want to be treated without even having to ask them too?

    I don't really, lots of the people on here are great, but since I don't actually know most of you, well yea ^_^;
  2. PokieFan09
    I believe in the power of true friendship. ShadowDeeps, AshtheManKetchum, nickstr, and !Tommy (among others) have shown me just how real it can be.
  3. $aturn¥oshi
    There are quite a few people on here that are genuine.
  4. Meron
    I used to have a good friend when I was younger, we had a lot to talk about but then I ruined it all... I miss our friendship and wish to meet someone like her in the future.

    ... Unlike the person who I thought to be my "best friend", who never really cared for me and hanged out with me because she had no one else. I was so blue-eyed because I really thought we would be good friends, but now I don't miss her even a bit.
  5. ScruffyJedi
    I've been through that... I tried really hard to get this girl to be friends with me, like, best friends, and then she just stopped bothering talking to me, except in school, which just happened because she really doesn't have anyone else to hang around... she's the kind of girl everyone likes but no one would die for, if you know what I mean.
  6. ShadowDeeps
    Awwww, thanks so much Pokiefan. You're a very, very amazing friend too and one whom I'm very grateful to have. Nothing changes that. ^^

    And Meron, you don't deserve any neglect at all. You'll always have us here.

    My best friend (and more) Tommy, CuboneKing, AshTheManKetchum, Marisa, Seira, Cure, Dragonlordpeter12, Sarah, Vasili1097, Char, and other select friends on this forum definitively come to mind to me as ones who I have such high esteem for, who I share in the company of, and who I'm so happy to have. How about everyone else?
  7. !Tommy
    I have some real great friends here too. Some of my best friends in the whole world include ShadowDeeps, AshTheManKetchum, Pokiefan09, DragonlordPeter, Seira/Hanon, Marisa, Trainer Rachel, Dark Master, Mit16, and XD375. You're the best guys, thanks. :)
  8. ScruffyJedi
    Kiratwig, ShadowDeeps, Shiay, Chocolate bones... a whole bunch of people. Its nce to feel like you can be yourself. It's so hard to do that nowadays.
  9. Ladybird Girl
    Ladybird Girl
    shadow mist100, ShadowDeeps, !Tommy, Mystic-Celebi, K!tt, Mit16 and a lot more really.
  10. Cross Poison
    Cross Poison
    astronema (!tommy) Shadow Deeps, Blazaking, Hanon, $aturn ¥oshi, nearly everyone on my freind list
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