How do you treat You're Real friends?

How do you treat You're Real friends?

  1. ScruffyJedi
    How do you like to spend time with friends, what do you look for in them, and how do you act around them?

    Do I sound like a creepy stalker yet? :P
  2. $aturn¥oshi
    All my friends are scattered...
  3. ShadowDeeps
    I feel the most admirable trait of note in any friend, and for that matter the best one for necessity, unanimously, is loyalty. In my eyes, a friend (or at least, a very amicable friend shouldn't ever surmount to a servant) is someone who will stay any hardship with you and go to any length to make sure you're happy but in a way that would do no harm upon you (obsessions and "getting what you want anytime you want" rather than what you need can do abrasion to those who can't peter out wants). Humans are, rather base to be, in my view, cooperative (I think under any cynical front lay something much more inviting in all of us). There's no way we'd have braved through history without cooperation. There's a yielding for love and care in all of us. One is most attractive and incurring of longevity if they're loving and caring at heart and soul.

    The spirit of a friend is also very pertinent in my view, despite that these times may be dispiriting for many. The inner innocence and child in one is not immature or anything of a dunce but wise, peering, and curious, (yet not demanding or chiding) in my observation. It keeps your spirit alight. The idea of associating "immaturity" with "child" is sort of inane to me. Children are only "immature" by association because that's the point in which we unearth the world engulfing us for ourselves. I feel such a spirit, whilst not critical to everything, helps the idea of having a friend who'd go anywhere with you. To me.... friends are happiness, much more than the transience of joy.

    Of course, when I ruminate upon support being a focal talking point for any friend, I don't think one should "use" a friend for "support". The idea of "support", for me, works so as to create a nexus of mutual rapport. It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy in my heart, spirit, and soul without dulling any. But honestly, friends are some of the most imperative things ever to me... I know I wouldn't be happy or reassured with them amiss. Especially my best pal ever and more Tommy, along with super awesome friends like Pokiefan09, AshTheManKetchum, etc.

    Super wonderful group, by the by! ^^
  4. !Tommy
    I hate fake friends. They're bastards. I've been so mistreated by people that said they were my friends but they really weren't.

    As for the way I treat my real friends. First off, I treat them exactly how I want to be treated. I start off by giving them lots of love. I want them to know I care about them very much. I also try spending as much time as I can with them. There's nothing worse than someone that calls you their best friend if they don't want to talk to you. And if I'm talking to them, I give them my full attention. I hate it when you're on a private chat with someone on IRC or Skype and then they idle on you for a very long time. To me, that's rude and selfish. Rude because you leave your best friend hanging and selfish because you don't think about how it makes your friends feel. For me, when someone idles on me for a long time for no reason at all, I feel that they really aren't my friends because they ignore you. So I make sure I give them my attention and answer them relatively quick. I also do things for my best friends. Those types of things include being with them when they're sad and trying to comfort them or if they're online you can email them or leave them visitor messages on the forums. It's a small thing but it makes you feel happy to receive them. Some people really need to grow up and act like real friends instead of stupid idiots.
  5. Ladybird Girl
    Ladybird Girl
    I treat them like everyone should treat their friends. I try to help them with anything, joke around with them..
  6. AlexandraTheZoroark
    I treat my REAL friends the way I like being treated.
  7. Captain_Kaos
    My only real friend treats me so well even when he found out i have bi-polar i admire him for not ditching me he is the only person that knows Thank god for that
  8. Niji
    I always try to make my real friends smile, but I'm much less cautious of saying or doing something that would displease them than I am with most people. Some things I enjoy doing with my friends are watching movies, playing any kind of game, shopping (especially for food or cards), talking, annoying others, drawing or telling stories, and going cool places. In friends, I often look for people who are fun, caring, interesting, somewhat immature, and possibly have a shared interest or opinion with me. I also look for people who aren't that girly, aren't too shy around me, and don't make me angry or mistreat me. When I first meet people I usually get a feeling for how compatible we'd be as friends, since I'm a pretty good judge of character.
  9. Captain_Kaos
    Quote Originally Posted by Lavendrowzazeemontw0
    The coolest cal alive is my best friend in the world and well be bff foreva see i am BADASS LIKE HIM COS I CANT SPEEL PROPERY
    You see this dude speaks the truth
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