Under-Ground Genres

Under-Ground Genres

  1. Jack Pschitt
    Jack Pschitt
    AKA "It Worked, Fabby"

    Some genres just don't catch on. I'm not talking about fads like disco or grunge that became main-stream and then faded out of popularity. I'm talking about genres that have never become main-stream (to date). One example of an under-ground genre that exploded into the main-stream is dubstep, which has its roots in the 1990s and has finally found a spot light here in the early 2010s. But maybe there are under-ground genres you like that you don't even want to hit the main-stream. Maybe you like hard-core punk and hope that someday everybody listens to hard-core punk. Maybe you like techno-minimalist-progressive-tribal-ambient-world music and hope to just keep it to yourself and satisfy your inner hipster.

    I'll start. The first two genres I like that come to mind when I think of "under-ground" are sludge metal and glitch. Sludge metal is a subgenre of doom metal that is essentially doom metal with a more eclectic sound to it. Like doom metal, sludge metal features guitar distortion to make your bowels rupture, but unlike the more refined sound of doom metal, also frequently makes use of unconventional guitar methods such as pick-sliding and feed-back. In short, sludge metal is fucking demented. I love it. It was invented in Louisiana in the 1980s, and my favorite sludge metal bands are Eyehategod, Outlaw Order (closely related to Eyehategod), Cavity (FLORIDA REPRESENT), and Floor (cloesly related to Cavity).

    Glitch is a subgenre of electronica that was invented in Germany in the 1990s. As the name suggests, it takes electronic noises typically deemed "undesirable", such as static, sine waves, and random clicks & beeps, and makes music out of them. In structure, glitch is often quite similar to trance, consistantly adding or taking away, as well as mixing and matching different layers and elements. It can also feature garage-like break-downs. My favorite glitch artists are Oval and Ametsub, the latter from Japan and the former being one of the original pioneers of glitch in '90s-era Germany.

    And now I'll shut up about my hipsterist tendencies and let you talk.
  2. Baf
    So brave. so meta

    Dub Techno. if you know me then you'll know I'm obsessed with dub techno. Its a genre so underground that Wikipedia, last i checked, had no article n it. "This genre is the fusion of Minimal Techno with the characteristics of Dub. Those characteristisc are used to convey atmospheric deepness and enrichment of textures through sound effects like echo, reverb, phasing and other manipulations of sound. " It is basically extremely relaxing techno.

    Below is one hell of an example of dub techno. let it wash over you

  3. Jack Pschitt
    Jack Pschitt
    *is now listening to Fabby's precious dub techno and is digging it*

    Here's some glitch because I've been listening to and posting sludge metal in the Planetary Pit Stop too much over the past few days, courtesy of Ametsub. This song is from 2010.

  4. Baf
    Glad you enjoy it, i think BCN dub is truly a hidden gem. Ill check out that song when I can :D

    Oh, you mind posting some glitch examples?
  5. Jack Pschitt
    Jack Pschitt
    *attempts to act all nonchalant when in fact he's fan-boying inside*

    'Kay, whatever.

    *looks for glitch songs*

    *notices a strange new song from Ametsub*

    *suddenly finds out that he released a new album in June*

    *orgasms all over his screen*

    This is a twenty-second "taster" of all the tracks on his new album All is Silence. You have no idea how happily surprised I am right now, learning of his new album.
  6. Baf
    Listening to the first song now, pretty cool so far.

    That's glitch/dub techno. Opener to Pole's album 2
  7. Mißingnåen
    Whatever kind of music Plastic People of the Universe played. It was so underground that it was illegal.
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