Band Association Game

Band Association Game

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  1. Baf
    Had an idea, we could do with a group game.

    Simply respond to the above post with a band name and how you link the two.


    Me: Rihanna
    Next Poster: Beyonce, because they are both women.


    Me: The Beatles
    Next Poster: Paul Macartney, because he is a former member of the Beatles.

    So long as you can find a valid link, it's fine.


    Black Sabbath
  2. Jack Pschitt
    Jack Pschitt
    Judas Priest, becuase they're both metal from the '70s.
  3. Baf
    Funkadelic: Both bands from the seventies
  4. Jack Pschitt
    Jack Pschitt
    Earth, Wind and Fire, because they're both disco.
  5. Caprizant
    Red Hot Chili Peppers. Because I remember watching an interview with Flea (the bassist of RHCP) in which he said they influenced the Chilis.
    Is that a good reason?
  6. Jack Pschitt
    Jack Pschitt
    Street Sweeper Social Club, because they're both rap rock. :I
  7. TheCapsFan
    Disturbed, because the song I'm listening to right now (Stupify) has the same first two letters of the band that ^ said. If that made sense.
  8. Pyradox
    Faith No More, because Disturbed covered Midlife Crisis on their album The Lost Children.
  9. Baf
    Mr. Bungle - Both bands feature Mike Patton
  10. TheCapsFan
    Muse, because they both start with a M.
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