Welcome to the Erika Fan Club!

Welcome to the Erika Fan Club!

  1. Utsune
    Welcome. Utsune here.

    I'm really surprised after all these years, there is not a single Fan Club for our Grass-Type Princess Erika, hence I'll take the initiative and kick start this.

    Let's introduce ourselves here and maybe give a reason or two (or two thousand) why you've joined this club :)

    I'll start off. Erika is the most elegant Gym Leader of all. She has class, she has humour, she is strong, she falls asleep at random times, she wears a kimono. There is no-one like Erika.

    Also, Erika from the manga Pokemon Special is cute :3 and she does Archery (or Kyudo if you want to be Japanese about it.)
  2. FinalArcadia
    Hi, FinalArcadia here!

    Erika was important in one of the best OS episodes, "Pokemon Scent-sation," and even in PokeSpe she comes off as a strong-willed yet graceful gym leader. She's definitely one of my favorite gym leaders.
  3. Utsune
    Welcome yo :D

    "Graceful" is definitely a good choice of word especially when it comes to PokeSpe Erika!!!
  4. Berrenta
    Hello, all!

    I find Erika to be beautiful, both in looks and personality. What's not to like about her?
  5. Utsune
    Can't agree more. Welcome to the Fan Club of the most refined characters in the Pokemon World :D
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