Engrish posting.

Engrish posting.

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  1. The Blastoise
    The Blastoise
    Just post any engrish you find.
  2. m1st3rand3rs0n
  3. Meloetta23
    My bro told me about a warning label on a blender (I think it was from Japan) and the warning was "Do not use for the other use."
    Like that's not going to make you think of something completely sick and wrong?
  4. The Blastoise
    The Blastoise

    I think I'd skip out on that.
  5. m1st3rand3rs0n
    Funniest Engrish Sign EVAR

    Also, see the comment from a one "Regardez403". Collectively, the funniest thing I've ever seen.
  6. Gligar13
    I bet they serve 503s here:

    This looks so tasty:
  7. The Blastoise
    The Blastoise
  8. Toadychan
    Here are some that really get me laughing:

    And a personal favourite:

  9. AlexandraTheZoroark
    I once read a book that said "theiry" instead of "their"
  10. Gligar13
    Here is some funny video with engrish.
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