What about Glaceon???

What about Glaceon???

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  1. Aetheria
    I don't know why, but I haven't been hearing about Glaceon!Glaceon is a beautiful, smart Eeveelution!I know that more people like Glaceon in this world.Glaceon is not my fav Eeveelution, but still-it needs attention.
    I'll list some facts for those who don't really know about Glaceon.
    Ice Type.
    Weight:57.1 lbs.
    Possible moves(excluding TMs):
    Tackle,Tail Whip,Helping Hand,Sand-Attack,Icy Wind,Quick Attack,Bite,Ice Shard,Ice Fang,Last Resort,Mirror Coat,Hail,Blizzard,Barrier.(some others moves too but I read the movesout of 2 different books.)
    Glaceon can freeze its fur so that its hairs become razor sharp needles as a defensive measure.
    Its ability will ALWAYS be Snow Cloak.
    It is number 170 in the Sinnoh Pokedex.
    It is number 471 in the National Pokedex.
    It is both Male and Female.
    It has high Sp. Attack.

    Hope you Glaceon Fans and Eeveelution fans can tell more facts about Glaceon,express how you feel about Galceon, and say if you think it needs more attention.
    Please post nice stuff.If you don't really like Glaceon, just say so and please don't leave any harsh comments.
    Hope you'll say stuff about Glaceon.

    This discussion is about Glaceon, and Glaceon ONLY.
  2. EEVEElutionUser
    Glaceon has the strongest Blizzard in the game. (Has the highest special attack stat of all ice types)

    Tied with Jolteon For being the shortest eeveelution.

    Base Stats are:

    HP: 65
    Attack: 60
    Defense: 110
    Sp.Atk: 130
    Sp.Def: 95
    Speed: 65

    Glaceon is awesome.
  3. Aetheria
    Yeah, I think it is too.Nobody really pays attention to this awesome ice-type.
  4. Shadowlord
    Glaceon is my 2nd favourite after umbreon

    But glaceon is my favourite ice type (with weavile!)
  5. BlueRose
    Glaceon is my favorite Ice-type. Second favorite Eeveelution, under Espeon.
  6. Aetheria
    Glaceon is a pretty awesome Ice-Type
  7. Lumi
    I like Glaceon, it's actually my favorite Eeveelution. It's also my favorite Ice-type. ^_^
  8. Aetheria
    Thats good!Its one of my fav Eeveelutions and its my fav ice type!
  9. Outcast
    I can't choose my favorite, I like jolteon, espeon, and Glaceon...
  10. Aetheria
    Quote Originally Posted by Ken The Pen
    I can't choose my favorite, I like jolteon, espeon, and Glaceon...
    Yeah, thats normal.I like Espeon best of the Eeveelutions though.Glaceon is second along with Vaporeon,Eevee and i think leafeon...
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