Welcome Eeryone! - Newcomers intrdouce yourself and take the Eeveelution Quiz!!!

Welcome Eeryone! - Newcomers intrdouce yourself and take the Eeveelution Quiz!!!

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  1. Rexasaur
    Hey everyone, i am the Group moderator, and i wish to welcome you all to the Eeveelution lovers Group. In this group you will find topics on anything and everything to do with the 8 Pokémon we all love; Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon and Glaceon.

    If you have just joined, please reply to this discussion your favorite Eeveelution and the reason why. Also you may take the new and improved Eeveelution quiz to see which one you most resemble. Feel free to post your result in this discussion :P

    I hope you all have fun here, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have :D

    Quiz link Which Eeveelution are you? Quiz at Quiztron
  2. Mimi-Chan
    I'm new to this and I took the Quiz and Got Espeon
  3. St-Tally
    Well I just joined this, and I ADORE Glaceon, they are just pretty to me, they look dazzling and I like the cold, winter is my favorite season so I am drawn to Glaceon xD Can't really explain it.

    I got Umbreon on the quiz 0w0
  4. JustAnotherLeafeon
    I just recently joined since all the eeveelutions are in my top 15-ish favorite pokemon. They are just all so awesome. If you couldn't tell, my fave is leafeon.

    As for the results for the quiz, I got espeon. Huh. Wasn't expecting that.a
  5. Rexasaur
    Hi guys. ANd welcome to the Group :D
  6. Meowth That's Right!
    Meowth That's Right!
    I have been in this group for a while but have never commented or anything until now. I love all the Eeveelutions :) As far as the quiz goes, I got Vaporeon!
  7. Vanillish Twilight
    Vanillish Twilight
    I got Eevee. I like Eevee but...since when was Eevee an Eeveelution??? Oh well, I'm ok with it saying that I'm "not ready to evolve"...because even though I'm thirteen I'm not ready for adulthood and junk.

    edit: I took the quiz a second time and got Eevee again then for the third time I got Espeon.
  8. Berrenta
    Hey all.

    And according to the quiz, i got Glaceon! One of my faves. :3
  9. Shiny Kamui
    Shiny Kamui
    yay i got Umbreon my favorite!
  10. evandiko
    Hey everybody
    My Eeveelution is Jolteon as it seems from the quiz,but I do not have a favorite one, I love ALL of them.
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