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  1. EEVEElutionUser
    Come on guys, this should be a topic by now. Sylveon (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

    Height: 3'03"
    Weight: 51.8 lbs

    Type: Unknown

    Known Attacks:
    Trump Card (Pokemon X and Y Sylveon trailer - YouTube)

    Swift (Pokemon X and Y Sylveon trailer - YouTube)

    Focus Blast? (Pokemon X and Y Sylveon trailer - YouTube)

    And an unknown attack (maybe a stat booster)

    As I said back before generation 5, I still think that the new eeveelution is going to be a dragon type on account of the Special Typing that the Eeveelutions follow. Also, Before anyone shouts "look at the colors" I would like to point out this...
    Notice those are Sylveon's colors?


    P.S. I really hope this is a female only evolution, or 87.5% of Eevees are going to be very gender confused this time around.
  2. Helioptile
    Normal type. Too much pink for dragon. Still, dragon is a better idea than all these new types that Clefairy and Jigglypuff apparently are changing to. We haven't seen much of the G6 art style yet, so maybe it could be dragon.
  3. Rexasaur
    Its ghost type guys, it must be. If that it a dragon type then it is very bad looking. I would understand a Ghost type though. either way, it looks amazingly cute :3
  4. Helioptile
    not enough dark/dull colors for a ghost.
  5. Berrenta
    I'm thinking Flying type due to its name being possibly based off sylphs, but ghost works too. Ghosts don't have to look dull-colored in my opinion, as we got a vibrantly colored ghost type named Frillish.

    I'll try it out once I get a copy of either of the games.
  6. Helioptile
    Normal. Stickin with that.
  7. JustAnotherLeafeon
    Although flying is implied from its name, it looks like a normal type. I have no idea if its flesh-ribbons are capable of flight, and to be honest, it will probably look a bit silly. I would actually have to go with normal type.

    Also. At first I was disappointed when I saw it. I could even say I didn't really like it. Now it has grown on me, much like Glaceon did.

    Quote Originally Posted by EEVEElutionUser
    P.S. I really hope this is a female only evolution, or 87.5% of Eevees are going to be very gender confused this time around.
    ^^^ Kahahahaha!
  8. Vanillish Twilight
    Vanillish Twilight
    hi guys haven't been on the forums lately but can I join in? um, I don't think Sylveon is normal type because Eevee is normal and isn't the point of Eevee evolving supposed to be it evolves into a new form with a new type but even though I don't think it's normal it could still be normal so...
  9. Misato Katsuragi
    Misato Katsuragi
    I think it's Flying type based on the name and the ribbons.

    Partly because I don't really want a new type, and I think the idea of it as a normal type is boring.

    None of the other things sound plausible to me, except maybe as a Ghost type.
  10. nikkissippi121
    It kind of makes me think of a Flying-type because of it's color scheme. I think Dragon-type is also a possibility, but I think Flying is more likely. I don't really want a gender-exclusive evolution, though, unless they're adding a male-only one, too, just because. :P
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