Group Challenge!

Group Challenge!

  1. Rexasaur
    Hey guys, fun idea. There are 3 group challenges, one for those who like writing, one for the artists among you, and one for the gamers.

    Writing challenge

    Write a short 500 word story about one or more of the Eeveelutions, then post it in the Writers challenge discussion

    Artists' Challenge

    Draw a Picture of one of the Eeveelutions, either via computer software, or by hand and scanning it onto your Computer, then posting it to the artists challenge discussion

    Gamers Challenge

    In game, Hatch an Eevee, and get it or one of its evolutions to Lv 100, then post evidence of your feat on the Gamers Challenge discussion.

    I Hope that you enjoy doing these challenges. After these are done, i will pick a winner from each challenge, and they will recieve a prize.
    The winner will be picked on the 20th December 2012, and will be annouced within the following 48 hours :P
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