Dunsparce Evolution

Dunsparce Evolution

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  1. Ekard
    Yes? No? Want? Do not?

    I think it's evolution would be something along the lines of Quetzalcoatl.
  2. lulu_chan126
    well, it could either be really cool or suck really bad if there was a Dunsparce evolution. it really just depends on how they do it. :/

    I think it'd be cool if it had an evolution based on a Basilisk, and then you had to do something special to evolve it. 8D
    (this is how you get Balisparce in my hacked games, Opal and Jade Versions)
  3. Megaman
    For a long time I thought dunsparce evolved into yanma because it was so cool but it wasnt that good. IT NEEDS TO EVOlVE!
  4. Feng
    I think its kinda authentic enough as it is, people have made strategies through Dunsparce. It doesn't need an evolution when it has Serene Grace and a unique moveset that makes up for its stats.

    Unlike Quilfish...
  5. SirOni
    If it does evolve should it also receive a second type, like Dragon-type for being a Quetzalcoatl?
  6. thecastleoblivion
    possibly, i don't quite know if i want this
  7. mangomusher
    maybe dragon poison?
  8. Poison Master
    Poison Master
  9. Pidge
    If it evolves it should have 12,000 wings.
  10. Shadowlord
    An evolution may be good but on the other hand it could just ruin the awesomeness that Dunsparce has from being so........ Awesome!

    If Dunsparce does evolve it should be equally as cool/rubbish but I am not supporting it!

    All Hail The Supreme Lord Dunsparce!!!!
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