Your Dream Digimon Season

Your Dream Digimon Season

  1. Robo-Floatzel
    What is your dream season of Digimon, what kind of season do you want to see? It can be anything, from a Savers sequel to a completely new story.

    My dream season would focus on the relationship between the Real World and the Digital World, which takes up a large amount of the internet, the entire world knows about Digimon, but only a small number of people actually own them, nearly half of these people, known as "Digimon Tamers", work for a government agency that maintains the balance and links between the Real World and Digital World, usually stopping Digimon that have emerged into the Real World

    The plot of the Season would involve a teenager (whom happens to wear goggles) who, by accident, causes a portal to open up to the Digital World, and learns that he must save both worlds from being destroyed by an evil dating back to the beginning of the internet, but gets marked on a "Non-agency Tamer list" by the government, and must choose to either join the organization, or surrender and have his Digimon partner deleted, revealing the responsibility of being a Tamer.

    What would you like to see?
  2. Hurricane Kishore
    A season combine with Digimon tamer And Digimon adventure o2 where the main guy call Rio have a crush on a beautiful girl call Saya who happen to be his childhood friend & get tease about it by his other friend
    On the weak before his love interest Saya's birthday he find a Digi egg & attack by a rough digimon
    But a mysterious guy show up giving him a Digivice & card which allow his bady pokemon to fight it
    Then He found himself a tournament between Digimon tamer but the mysterious person show up & told him that the world fate is defend on the tamer who win the tournament
    He also found one of Tamer call Akira in Saya birthday who happen to be a super popular student in his school & Saya has a crush on him
    Later Rio found out the Akira is entering this tournament to protect the world & Saya knows all about it so she's helping him
    Well, It's a Season where Rio along with his friend trying save the world while at the same time Rio trying to win Saya's heart who is in love with Akira
  3. LillieGhoul
    My dream Digimon Season will be of all the total seasons combined, but that is so totally not possible. Too many people, so they can give the limelight to the goggleheads, I won't mind
  4. Side By Side
    Side By Side
    What a great topic, kudos.

    A series which would feature a strange plot, where the lives of a Digimon & its tamer are connected, an event may occur causing widespread death, with more exploration of darkness very much like that Ken Ichijouji experienced in Adventure 02.

    I would also find it interesting, if an only one scenario occurred, let’s say a dark disaster occurred to do with the programming of the Digital World which deletes all but one Digimon & tamer (including access points); they would have to search for meaning & purpose alone, fighting to find an origin hidden secret control to restore everything.
  5. zachery
    I would like to see a season where everyone DNA digivole with the mega forms in the digimon tamers season.
  6. Hurricane Kishore
    I would love a season where the hero is calm friendless kid who can't seem to adapt in the school environment .
    He's often ignore by other however he's actually a child prodigy with various talent .
    He has a crush on his classmet but he doesn't have the courage to properly talk to her.
    Furthermore , There are rumor about romantic relationship between his crush & the most popular boy in the school
    He later become a Digidestined along with his crush & his rival .
    He's start to learn how to adapt in his school & make friend .
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