Taste of the Heart - CuteAnimeModShipping Fic

Taste of the Heart - CuteAnimeModShipping Fic

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    Taste of the Heart - CuteAnimeModShipping Fic

    A Gotpika Fic Production...

    Chapter 1 ~Coffee~

    He paced across the shop, as always wearing his winning smile. He just thought for a second, focusing on his looks. The young man never really liked to show off, but he always was glad about his appearance. His dark hair, mature demeanor, older appearance, and British accent and dialect always was something natural to him, he certainly wasn't trying to think highly of himself. But, in a world of people where the majority aren't eyecatching certainly made him appreciate himself more.

    As always he was enjoying himself a nice cup of joe before work began, he never really had to work much given his shift was only in the morning and only lasted around one hour, two hours tops most days. But, it was sort of a ritual to him, his way of focusing and having some alone time.

    She walked in, the young woman's petite small near child like high accompanied by her soft features always gave a certiain glow and air about her. Iteru never really understood why she even wanted to come to the Coffee shop everyday at that time, given her young appearance, he never understood why she drank coffee at all, he knew full well she was his age maybe even older given she often walked around, acting very mature and doing her best to keep up a very vigorous routine.


    He remembered the good times he had, his eyes sobbing as if a newborn baby was crying. His constantly drenched face showed it all, pain, heartache, and unhappiness painted a picture on his face. He just sat there in the cell with his Torkoal next to him, clenching the still young Fire-Type. Thinking....Dreaming...Wishing.


    He walked over to the young lady.

    "Excuse me ma'am, what would you like?"

    "Can I just have a nice cup of freshly made home brew? Don't hesitate on the sugar and creamer this time," she said winking putting up a cute grin. "Can I also get some nutella with a few pieces of whole grain French toast? Also a nice slice of pound cake."

    "Will that be all?" Iteru said trying not to sound sarcastic. God, what a Tepig. he thought to himself as he wrote down the order, he couldn't help but notice something near the young lady's side. A yellow creature, black strips, and a magnetic personality.

    "An Elekid?" he said out loud.

    "Oh, me?" the young lady answered, "Yep, Elekid is my pride and joy. A gift from my sister, they each gave me a Pokemon Egg for my birthday it was recently." she said cheerfully.

    "You're birthday was recently? Oh, I wish we could give you something on the house, but those types of things have to be put in, in advance." Iteru said partially embarrassed, and motioning toward a underling worker to fix the order.

    "Yeah, I'm having a small little get together with some of my friends for Easter. Even though you want to give me a present but can't it's okay, you hardly know me." she said purely. "But, I'd love for you to come." she said handing Iteru a small envelope she slide gently out of her pocket.

    "Thank you." Iteru said slightly happy, he made way for a young waiter to come through to set down the tray of food near the young lady.

    "So, how long have you been working here?" she said dunking her french toast into her glass of sugared-creamed coffee.

    "Not long, I recently got the job."

    *Ring Ring Ring*

    "Oh, I got to go. That's the timer, I have to get on to my next activity. Great meeting you..."

    "Chan." she answered him.

    "Chan." he said warmly walking away.

    "Chan, eh?" he said under his breath smiling.

    Soon a young man appeared, slightly younger then Iteru. Looking very mischievous.

    "Oh, I see you're smitten for that girl."

    "What?I just met her! She means nothing to me."

    "Good because I won't let my best friend become popular with the ladies when I don't even have a girl myself." the young man said with a hint of jealously.

    "God Frank, get back to work."


    Sometimes he wondered if this was the punishment he had to take, his punishment for being a selfish child or making a mistake. Was this God's way of giving him a sign that he truly was the wrong one in all this? He kept thinking it over and over, further clenching the Coal Pokemon, sobbing even more.
  2. Froakie
    That was... beautiful..
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  4. Tsutarja
    It's good, I'm a little bit confused though. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Smugleaf
    It's good, I'm a little bit confused though. :P
    Oh, how so? :P
  6. Tsutarja
    The second part and the last part. Do they take place in the future or ...?
  7. Bubble Frog
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Smugleaf
    The second part and the last part. Do they take place in the future or ...?
    Future~ At least for now I think
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    "God Frank, get back to work."
    Hahaha XD Even the cameo role makes sense, who is saying and what he is saying XD
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