Swears in other damn languages!

Swears in other damn languages!

  1. AlexandraTheZoroark
    Show off some fucking awesome swears that you know in other awesome-as-hell languages besides damn English!

    I know some Norwegian ones:
    Jeg liker den i ræva - I like it in the ass
    Hva i helvete? - What the hell?
    Oh faen! - Oh shit!

    What other fucking swear words in diffrent damn languages do YOU fucking know? >8-D
  2. Gligar13

    Kuso = Shit

    Fun fact, you hear that in anime meant for kids. :P
  3. AlexandraTheZoroark
    Here's another fucking awesome swear sentence from Norwegian:
    Faen den dritten i ræva, kjerring! - Fuck that shit in the ass, bitch!
  4. H-con
    ^I wouldn't translate it with faen though. I'd rather translate that with "Knull den dritten i ræva, kjerring/megge!"

    And now, for something completely fucking different.

    You got
    Jævla horebarn - Fukcing whorechild
    and my personal favorite
    "Din jævla hestpeis" "You fucking horse cock"
  5. Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    Putain - Whore
    Monsieur L'Anté-Christe - Mr. Anti-Christ
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