Most annoying thing about them.

Most annoying thing about them.

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  1. CuboneKing
    There are morons who fall for these trades though. I would know. *looks at Japanese Regigigas*
  2. AlexandraTheZoroark
    I haven't expierienced a GTC scam (MY STUPID WIFI WON'T LET ME CONNECT TT_TT) in Diamond, but I have heard of stories of people trying to trade Bidoofs for a Giratina....

    Next thing you know, if my Wifi lets me GO to the GTS, I woild be offered a Starly for a Lvl. 100 Snover (Not that I have one ATM)....
  3. Alex800
    Why would I give you a level 100 pachirichu for your lvl 1 pachirichu?
    I'm not gonna give you a Darkrai for your Milotic!
    I'm not gonna give you a friggin' Shaymin for a lvl. 2 Bidoof!

    Frigging annoying >.<
  4. TFSpock
    It seems that if you offer a Poke, there are a higher chances of someone legit will show up. Many sensible people scour GTS, looking for a trade, one of them is bound to find yours and ultimately carry it out. I've NEVER gotten a trade by looking, but I have dozens from offering.
    BTW, here's what I found a couple days ago ,while looking for a Primeape. OFFERING: Suicune, FEMALE, Nicknamed: PRIMEAPE, Lvl. 1. WANTED: Mew Lvl. 9 or below. Shiny Celebi, I totally agree! I know a kid who offered one of my friends a Growlithe Lvl. 15 for his Milotic Lvl. 65! And the Milotic had the Gorgeous Royal ribbon! After a lot of lecturing, I managed to knock sense into him.
  5. Shuckle
    Yea I just hate it too. But once there was this one kid who was offering a Zubat for a piplup. So I traded him one my breeded ones just to be nice.
  6. Kutomba
    ^Sometimes, I'll do that, just trade them a Pokemon (Unless it's INCREDIBLY unreasonable) in a similar manner. I save you guys from some noobs.
  7. TFSpock
    And it's even worse with BW. yesterday, I was looking for an Eevee, (I actually found reasonable trades, just I couldn't do them) and after a while, I decided to see what people wanted for a Patrat. One asshole offered a Patrat LEVEL 5, wanting an ARCEUS LEVEL 100!!!!!! Iiiiiiiiidiots.
  8. pokemaster8901
    All of the time for me people want level 9 pokemon that are in they're final evolution. exaples someone in japan wanted a level 9 reshiram for a level 100 shiny hydreigon.
  9. Jira chan
    Jira chan
    I find it really annoying when I go on the GTS searching for a pokemon I need, and every offer I see says something like:
    Level 65 Hydreigon for a Level 9 Reshiram!!!
    It's really annoying because they clog up the system, and you can never find a decent trade
  10. Shiny Shinx
    Shiny Shinx
    It's unbelivable, I mean like:
    Level 2 Zekrom Wanted
    Level 4 Reshiram Wanted

    I though, accually did this myself a bit
    I wanted Dialga ANY (I think)
    I offered Hitmontop Lv. 62

    It's You can't even get a MAGICARP any more. It's...sad.
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