Your Contest Pokemon?

Your Contest Pokemon?

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  1. Princess of Hoenn
    Princess of Hoenn
    for my contests, i used:

    Blaziken and Absol: Cool (i won my first Master Cool contest with Blaziken, and then did it again with Absol)

    Beautifly: Beauty

    Gardevoir: Smart

    Spheal: Tough (it was very hard to do this one...i had to breed over and over again to get a spheal who knows swallow and stockpile- it was worth it though)

    Azurill: Cute
  2. 41416161
    I have a piplup and a Luvdisc for Cute. Piplup winning 3 ribbons and Luvdisc winning the master rank division with 4.

    I have a Pikachu for Cool. Only have won 2 ribbons so far. and I have a Piplup winning also two ribbons.

    I have a Milotic for Beauty winning 3 ribbons. I already had to get her Sheen all the way up to evolve her so why not enter her in Beauty. In this category I have yet another Piplup winning in the master rank.

    I have an Alakazam for Smart. Have only won two ribbons so far.... (He seems pretty smart, even though he sucks for battle. I don't happen to have a piplup for this one yet, but I'm working on it.

    And for tough I have another Piplup, this one winning another 3 ribbons. I also have a cyndaquil with two ribbon's.

    If anybody has a good moveset for a smart Piplup, I'm open for suggestion's.
  3. Ash Ketchum.
    Ash Ketchum.
    I only have Milotic for beauty and Machoke for tough
  4. Atara
    Cool: Ninetales
    Beauty: Milotic
    Cute: Altaria & Lopunny
    Smart: Gardevoir
    Tough: Roserade
  5. Milotales
    O___O how is it possible that you have the same exact Pokémon as me?! *passes out* i wish i had wifi so that i could have link contest with you...
  6. Poké-Gal
    I use my beautiful ninetales its got me to the master rank! it is rite now lv 72 or something...
  7. Kazooie
  8. Zoe
    Glameow of course :D
  9. AngelAquino
    My main contest Pokemon is Charizard, who's gone through all of the Cool contests, but if I were to actually choose, I'd have Gardevoir for Smart and Milotic for Beauty.
  10. Victory2
    id use marill. in a double battle, lucario and ambipom. ( there all girls)
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