Contest endeavors :3

Contest endeavors :3

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  1. *Leeney*
    I usually play the smart theme. In Emerald I use my Gardevoir, on Diamond, I use Roserade and in Platinum I also use Gardevoir
  2. The Outrage
    The Outrage
    Oh dear, my Dragonair is winning me Master Rank before the third badge D:

    Ugh, I hate Platinum's Beauty and Cool dances. It's tempo is sooo slow.

    -Water Pulse
    -Dragon Pulse

    Dragon Pulse is really only there because I used it for offensive purposes while training. Only the first three moves are used in contests, though Dragon Pulse is useful in Smart contests.

    Ugh, what I find annoying is that even if I press the button right on the spot, it still says I missed the step -_-
  3. Empoleon 64
    Empoleon 64
    Shuppet beat every tough contest, Wingull beat every cute contest, Skitty is on the Hyper rank, Sealeo beat all of the Beauty contest, my Dodtrio is on mater rank, and Spina is also on master rank. In pearl, all of those contest pokemon are on master rank. Does anyone have any advice on how to beat master rank contest in pearl? I need help1
  4. Zephy
    Here's some advice Empoleon 64! Try using moves like Last Resort that get you many hearts at a price the very last turn. Also, keep the Bulbapedia page with all the accesories open beside you during the visual round so you can check what is good for what theme. Or better yet make a list with just the accesories you own and what themes they are good, bad and average in. I'm terrible at Dance, couldn't help you there. Good luck!
  5. Shady Shaymin
    Shady Shaymin
    Hello, I use my Hautia(Pikachu) in cool and beauty contests,and I'm currently getting a delibird for a cute contest, and searching for more contest accessories.
  6. Atara
    I just got 3 Cool Contest Ribbons today (Normal, Great, and Ultra) with my Ninetales ♀. I'm trying to get the Master Ribbon. I'll try to remember to update this post when I get it. >w<
  7. Karamazov
    Today my East Shellos (Bosley) won a Smart Ribbon and Beauty Ribbon. When he evolved he won a second Beauty Ribbon.
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