Give the sprite above advice and say what you like about it

Give the sprite above advice and say what you like about it

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  1. Outcast
    Okay, here, what you do is post a sprite of any kind, and the person below will give advice, and also tell you what they like about it.

    NO INSULTS, just advice and compliments.

    What is considered an insult: The outlines are really bad!
    What is considered advice: The outlines look like they could use some work.

    Oh, and please do not just say "Awesome sprite!" Say what you do like about it.

    So... I guess lets start!

    My baby tauros.
  2. Morru Magnum
    Morru Magnum
    What I like about it is it's a tauros prevo. Its cute, and not to mention the shading is good. A little work on outline shading and you'll do better^^
    Tell me waht you liek about this!:O
  3. Shiny Staraptor
    Shiny Staraptor

    kinda went overboard with blood though

    EDIT: oh right
    Sorry that there are 2...
  4. Delsin Rowe
    Delsin Rowe
    I like the Turtwig. Nice use of different colors. It really stands out as a neon. Though I would have done a darker color for a background.

    I'm not to sure what to think of the inferno though. It really looks different, and I don't happen to see his face. I guess this is too make it look more... like a fire?

    As for me, I am going to put four sprites.




  5. The Magneton
    The Magneton
    Splice: Pretty cool, I think you need to change the colours slightly.
    Trainer: Really good, the shoes are a little bit original, maybe try something a little bit more "Hip".
    Inferno: The outlines are good, but don't use too much though.
    Neon: Great use of the black background. though try not to make the lines straight, maybe a little bit more curvy.

    Here's mine:
  6. Delsin Rowe
    Delsin Rowe
    ... You do realize that is EDWARD ELIRC, right? His shoes are SUPPOSE to be like that... There is so much more I should say, but I won't. :)

    Your sprite is suppose to be a Gijinka no? I would have made it look like the Pokemon more.

    Here is an interesting one I did:

  7. SaintJimmy
    Ooh, nice animation! I like how you keep it pillowshaded. Nothing else to say but it's awesome!

    My latest scratch:
  8. Delsin Rowe
    Delsin Rowe
    YOU SCRATCHED THAT?? Wow. I don't think I can say anything else.


    This is Designed to look like me. :P
  9. The Flaming E
    The Flaming E
    It looks really good. The hat looks great and the shading on the shirt is awesome. You just might want to fix the leg on the left (your right leg). The pant leg shading and the shoe size look just a little off compared to the rest of the sprite. But it's still really good.

    My turn!

  10. Delsin Rowe
    Delsin Rowe
    Yep, I realize that stuff after I uploaded it. :P

    Ooh, I like the colors on this Pokemon. And the edits on it look really nice too. :)

    One more for me. :D

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