~No Standards, Pigg's Adventure!~

~No Standards, Pigg's Adventure!~

  1. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    CommanderPigg is a girl, who's starting her Unova Journey today. She already has her Pokemon her trusty Elekid given to her by Paulina her mom elder friend. Ready to start her adventure through the Unova Region, and it's None Standard.

    Pokémon Masters, your heart beats faster
    Training for the top, 'cause you know you can't stop!
    Your training kicks (now), Pokémon Pow (wow!)
    The power of a master, all before you will (bow!)
    But don't let it get to your head, young Trainer
    The road is long and filled with danger
    Everyone says they deserve to be one
    But who can top you? The answer is none
    Because they've never seen an expert like (you!)
    One who knows the difference between Mewtwo (and Mew!)
    Or someone who can tell you the type (Pikachu!)
    Or someone who can tell you which Pokémon's (new!)

    Pigg thought in her mind as she walked,"The closest gym to me is the Nimbasa Gym, a Electric Gym according to Ms.Paulina." So Nimbasa it is!

    She made it to the gates of the city, and Nimbasa's strobing lights and colors amazed Pigg as she walked down the street.

    She approached the door of the gym, and no one was there. She walked away disappointed. She walked to the Pokemon Center and while on the walk there she saw a bunch of people standing around, they were all looking at the Ducklett a duck Pokemon. Pigg replied,"Ducklett? Never seen that Pokemon before."

    She then ask if these Pokemon were wild or trainer owned, a woman replied,"There wild but, some belong to trainers. They can be the bit of practical jokers at times."

    Pigg said,"I think there kinda cute, and crazy. And I'm gonna need more then one Pokemon to battle against the Nimbasa Gym." One Ducklett said, "Duck" to Pigg. Pigg said,"I'll catch that one then!"

    Pigg threw a Poke Ball out came a Elekid! Pigg ordered,"Thundershock" simply flew away! Pigg was worried and then ordered another,"Thundershock" they kept being evaded by Ducklett. Ducklett then got close and used Steel Wing and hit Elekid, Elekid began to have it's eyes water, Pigg said,"No Please Elekid it'll be alright." Elekid replied,"Elly Elly".

    Elekid tried, another Thundershock but, it missed and Ducklett came in close and used "Scald" Pigg said,"Stay calm Elekid and use Light Screen!" the attack was blocked. Then Pigg took the chance the and ordered "Thundershock" hitting Ducklett. Pigg then took out a Poe Ball and caught it. Pigg said, "We did it Elekid we caught it!" Elekid replied,"Ele-Ele"

    She called her mom and said,"Yeah Mom, it was closed I'll have to try again tomorrow. The good noise is I caught a Ducklett". Her mom replied,"That's great, Ducklett is a good choice since it covers Flying Type traits and Water Type traits." Pigg said,"I'll try for the gym tomorrow."

    A woman standing next to the Nurse named Nurse Joy winced at the young girl,"So your looking for a battle? I happen to be the Nimbasa City Gym Leader, Elesa".

    "YES MAME!" Pigg replied,"I tried visiting your gym, but it was closed". Elesa said,"When then I guess we could battle now then, outside in the area right next to the Pokemon Center."

    Nurse Joy said,"Ok, here you are Pigg, both your Pokemon are in tip top shape!" handing her the two Poke Balls.

    Elesa said,"I see you have two Pokemon there, only two?" Pigg replied, embarrassed,"Yeah I only have two, but I just started my Unova Journey." Elesa said,"Ok, I suppose two will do."

    They went outside, Elesa said,"OK HERE'S MY FIRST POKEMON" and threw a Poke Ball out came a "Emolga". Pigg said, "So she's using Emolga eh!". "Go, Elekid!". Elesa said,"An Electric Type I see, I have a soft spot for those Pokemon, but I'm not going easy on you!".

    Elesa ordered,"Spark" Pigg said, for Elekid to use "Light Screen" blocking the attack and followed up with "Thunder shock". Emolga simply flew out of range, Pigg said,"Oh No! Not Again." Emolga came diving down with a Aerial Ace! Pigg ordered Elekid to use Thundershock, it hit Emolga but, it didn't do much since Emolga is also part Electric Type. Aerial Ace scored a direct hit. Pigg said, "Don't Worry Elekid!" She ordered it to use Thundershock but, before Elekid could use the attack Elesa ordered a attack called,"Volt Switch"

    Emolga hit Elekid and went back to it's ball and came out, unharmed and completely ready for battle. Pigg said,"What? Emolga's healed?!" Pigg cried. Pigg said, "What trick is this?!" Elesa ordered,"Thunder" followed by "Acrobatics" Pigg said,"Wait! That's not the same Emolga!" She ordered Elekid to use Light Screen but, Elekid still took quite a bit of damage. Then Acrobatics hit it finishing Elekid. Elekid began to tear up, thinking about it's loss. Pigg said it's ok Elekid you did your best just take a seat over there."Ele Ele" Elekid replied.

    "Don't think I'm done yet!" Pigg screamed,"Let's make this an Air Battle, I know about Volt Switch now!" She threw a Pokeball and out came, "Ducklett and it winked in a way that said,"I got this." ". Elesa replied,"Using a Pokemon who's weak to Electric Attacks?" Pigg ordered Steel Wing, Elesa had Emolga use "Thunder". Pigg then said for Ducklett to land with both "Steel Wings" on the ground. Using Steel Wing as a "Lightning Rod" Ducklett still took damage, but shook it off.

    Pigg then said,"Scald!" the attack hit Emolga, but then Elesa ordered, "Volt Switch!" out came the other Emolga ready for battle. Ducklett then was getting tired, Elesa ordered Aerial Ace. Pigg said for Ducklett to fly away, Ducklett was tired and slower Emolga hit Ducklett! Ducklett went for a barrel spin as it fell to the ground fainted.

    Pigg shouted,"Ducklett!" returning it to it's ball". Pigg then said,"I-I losted." Elesa said,"Well attempting to battle me with an newly caught Pokemon and expecting to win is a little crazy, but still you can't win them all. Either way, your Pokemon were easily beaten, you can't expect to win a badge when you losted to two of my more weaker Pokemon. Come back again, after earning more badges and challenging weaker Gym Leaders. Chao."

    "Pigg your Pokemon are ready!" Pigg picked up the Poke Balls as she walked away, and talked to Ms.Paulina, Ms.Paulina said,"So that's how it went?". Pigg said,"Yep, and I'm thinking about going to Nacrene City, to win my first badge."

    Ms.Paulina then said,"Best Wishes~And congrats on getting a Ducklett, catch more Pokemon and phone me with your new accomplishments, it's also nice to hear Elekid battled like a champ." "Ele Ele". "Also Pigg, you'd be wise to find some friends to travel with, possibly some people to help you on your journey."

    "Like who" Pigg replied, Paulina said,"Depends, just don't have high standards," "Bye-Bye".

    Pigg said,"Ok, Ducklett and Elekid! Let's go catch more Pokemon and earn a badge!" We can do it! And Elekid your Electric Attacks will get better. She returned Ducklett to it's ball and set off for Nacrene City,"But this is only the beginning" she thought.
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