Who do you like her?

Who do you like her?

  1. Karamazov
    Surely there are a lot of reasons.

  2. Yoshi-san
    She has a squeaky voice :D
  3. Dr. GM
    I like her cuz she's charismatic and naturally adorable!!! X3
  4. Hellion
    Her hair is shiny...


    No actually, I started talking to Pigg I think in the AlwaysArguingShipping club. We traded fics for fanart on the pairing :D I just think she's really a cool person who's funny and nice. XD

    *goes back to being evil*
  5. The Puppetmaster
    The Puppetmaster
    First, she's extremely friendly. I think she was one of if not the first persons on these forums with whom I held a conversation.

    Second, she has a lovely singing voice.

    Third, she has lots of personality and is hilarious (especially when she talks about her awkward moments).

    So, yeah...go Pigg! :D
  6. Musashi
    She's an awesome mod and a sweet person.
  7. FullmetalSuicune
    She was born to be awesome and she is.
  8. Iteru
    She's friendly and is hilarious in conversations!
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