Shipper Warrior, Pigg!!

Shipper Warrior, Pigg!!

  1. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    One day a girl wakes up ready for her first day of the 11th Grade named Commander "Chan" Pigg she's 17 and kind of clumsy and weird. But, she's got a true heart. Most called her Piggy because she loved to eat and that's her last name.

    "Hey Piggy!, Musashi called out!"
    "Hey Musashi!"
    "Your Late!"
    "S-SORRY!, Pigg pleaded!"
    "It's ok, let's go or else you'll be late!, I put in a good word with the shippers for you so please don't let it happen to often."
    "They walked into the school, Musashi introduced Pigg to some of the teachers."
    "This is Mr.Dogasu he's the leader of this school"
    "Nice to me you Chan, it'll be a joy having you hear."
    "T-THANK YOU, Pigg said quiet and meekly."
    "Musashi then said, "well I'm off to college Pigg!"
    "Pigg took a seat in the middle section, sitting next to a smart looking student named,"Piplup" called "Pippy" by most."
    "She greeted him saying hello"
    "Pippy responded saying nice to meet you too, annoyed by the clumsily attitude of Piggy"

    "Soon another student walked in named Scott."
    "He then complained to Pippy saying, "didn't I tell you THIS is my area only!"
    "Pippy replied,"I don't see your name on it"
    "Mr.Dogasu said,"Chan! Scott! Pippy!" SHUT UP!"
    "They all quieted down Scott sat in a different area."
    "Piggy said,"What was that?"
    "Pippy replied, "I JUST HATE THAT GUY!"
    "Piggy just look and sat and listened to class"

    The last bell of the day sounded.
    *Chan had made it through her first day of the 11th grade"
    She walked meekly home running into a guy and dropping her books!
    The guy said,"UGH! YOU CLUMSLY LITTLE FOOL!"
    "Pigg said,S-Sorry and began to weep like a baby"
    "He said it was ok"
    He picked of his things and left.
    Piggy began to leave, but she discovered a badge, with the letters "I.O.K" on it.
    "She looked at it a little unaware what it meant"
    The guy had left so she had no choice but to keep it until she ran into him again.

    Piggy ran into the house!
    "How was your day Chan!, her mother and father said"
    "It was alright, Chan said quietly"
    She ran into her room, to find her little sister going through her stuff. She said,"You little rat!"
    Her sister said,"Chill ya idiot" walking out of Chan's room smugly.

    Chan laid down on her bed, sad of what a fool she made herself look like today.
    Then suddenly! A small dog came jumping through her window!
    "A talking dog? I must be dreaming Chan said."
    "Chan thinking it was a dream, went ahead with what the dog said"
    The dog then said,"Chan you are destined to be a warrior! A warrior for love and justice! named Commander Buta-Chan!"
    "Ok Ok whatever!"
    The Dog handed Chan a cellphone, and said "hold it in the air" and say "Shipper Action!"
    Chan held it in the air and said,"Shipper Action!".
    Sparkles began to engulf Piggy and envelop her as well as a "Pink Light" (ぴんくひかり).

    Chan said,"This is fun what's next!"
    The dog said,"We have to move!"
    Chan jumped out the window running toward the park!
    A Woman continued to scream. A bunch of monsters were approaching her!

    Chan said,"S-STOP RIGHT THERE"
    The head monster said,"Who the hell are you!"
    Chan replied shivering,"I'm I'm" the dog said,"don't say your actually name" Chan said, "I'm Commander Buta-Chan."
    The monster said,"well who ever you are! Prepare to die!"
    The monster sent a whip flying toward Chan!
    Chan was hit and sent flying! Toward a tree!
    Chan said,"I'm not having fun anymore!"
    The monster made ready to kill Piggy!
    Soon, a man showed up who looked around 19 or 18 and knocked the whip back with a reflective Kendo Leek!
    Attacking a young girl! Hmp so cowardly!
    "ANOTHER FREAK, The monster said"
    "I'm no freak but my name's "Shine" a Shipper Soilder.

    The man began to fight the monster.
    The dog then said,"Commander Buta-Chan! This is your chance to beat the monster!"
    "The Dog said,"Hold out your hands and scream Shipper Opposition!"
    Piggy got near the two fighting and got a clear shot at the monster!
    She screamed,"Shipper Opposition!"
    Soon a heart shaped item came from the sky,Piggy caught it and then flying disk shot from it again as she said,"SHIIIIIIII CUT!"
    They destroyed the monster.

    The man,"Shine" had left saying "well done Commander Buta-Chan"
    She said,"W-WAIT! WHO ARE YOU!"
    "I'm shine, he leap out the building"
    Pigg said,"Shine eh?"
    The dog said, they needed to return home.

    Chan untransformed tired and worn out laid down in her bed, as if it was a dream.
    The talking down lying next to her!
    She thought to herself "Was it really a dream?"

    Chan has to deal with another strange monster stronger then the last! SHE LEARNS OF THESE crazy things going on! She learns more about "Shine" and the talking dog who gave her such prestigious powers?! See ya there!
  2. Karamazov
    I loved the school aspect, and the Sailor Moon thing was hilarious!
  3. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    "Pigg awoke the next day, tired and worn out."

    Pigg said after waking up, Great another day of school.
    "She then began to reflect on her past experiences with the strange man Shine and the dog."
    "She woke got dressed for school, the dog sleeping under bed said, "Hello, Chan."
    She said,"NO WAY!" it wasn't a dream!!!! All that was real?!
    Chan's sister barged in saying,"Shut Up, Chan!"
    The dog explained to Chan that there are monsters appearing all over the Earth, and that she is a warrior that must protect people from these creatures. She must take on the role of a warrior for love and justice,"Commander Buta-Chan".
    Chan was freaked out a bit but, headed to school regardless.
    She soon saw Pippy and they exchanged hellos.
    Pippy had to leave for his advance classes.
    Soon the teacher, Ms.Mamie announced the new classmate named,"pokemaniac". Or "Mania" for short.
    She said for her to sit next to Chan.
    They exchanged hellos, and were perfect matches for each others because they both loved love stories and manga. They both loved Caramel and peanut butter.
    "Mania" said she would be staying at school till 9pm or so to help get ready for open house next week.

    Soon later Chan went home.
    The dog discussed more with Chan about her role and the monsters.
    Soon another monster attacked! Apparently at the school!
    Mania is seen telling everyone to get to safety and be careful, soon the monster heads for a room full of people.
    The dog said,"Chan we must hurry!"
    Chan arrives to hear screams from the people in the building she walks in and looks around, she sees the monster, and Mania running to warn the people.
    She then says, "Shipper Action!"
    She transforms into "Commander Buta-Chan!"
    "She then says,"stop right there!" your total disregard for a lack of moral as well as the fact you wanna hurt people is wrong! I'm "Commander Buta-Chan!" and I'm gonna punish you!"
    The monster said,"You Punish me?".
    The monster jumps around and tries to attack Commander Buta-Chan and one attacks hits hurting her leg!
    The monster has her cornered! Soon Mania begins to react to something!
    What's going on!

  4. Karamazov
    That was adorable, but also kinda funny.
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