100 Ways To Annoy CommanderPigg!

100 Ways To Annoy CommanderPigg!

  1. Tsutarja
    I borrowed the idea from Karamazov and I think we'll all manage to gather 100 ways.

    I shall begin.

    1. Deny any sort of hints of Comashipping.
    2. Lead heated Iris wars in the threads.
    3. Bash Paul.

    You guys can continue. :P
  2. Karamazov
    4. Lie to her about Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter fear-hugging, let her get really happy, then tell her the truth and burst her bubble.
  3. Sweet Veil
    Sweet Veil
    5.Tell her how shitty a character Antonio is from the Don Battle.
    6.Copy her gifs and use them.
    7.Call Iris a Mary Sue.
    8.Put your sig as,"The most dumbest kinda of Pokemon fan, The Shipper!"
    9.Tell her the truth about Cafemocha being the second most ridiculous Ship in the Poke-World.
  4. Iteru
    10. Spam her profile with Ikari pictures, videos and fanfiction.
  5. Karamazov
    11. Insult Paul and call him a Mary Sue, then belittle his rivalry with Ash.
  6. Karamazov
    12. Say that CafemochaShipping is dead. And it is.
  7. CommanderPigg
    (okay, I'm just going to join for like 5 seconds to post this because it's like, mega-urgent)

    13. When people spell Pigg with just one 'g.'

    I am not this:

    I am more like this:

    Do you see the difference??
  8. J J M
    J J M
    One is cute, the other is evil?
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