Gayass brothers

Gayass brothers

  1. Transfinite

    Testing to see if non-album images can be posted.

    --Okay, test was successful. So I guess we can use this thread to talk about how gay the series is.
  2. Archaic
    Bah, you should've included a screenshot of Nina and Table-kun.
  3. Transfinite
    This was the first one I thought of to upload.

    Besides Nina and Table-kun would go in "Ketsuban's trauma album", no questions asked.

    Also Muka-chan, is there any way we can keep the forum from getting rid of the transparency on my avatar's corners when it resizes it for the social groups? Or maybe keep it from resizing icons to begin with?
  4. Archaic
    I can probably make it not resize avatars. Going to require template editing. I'll see if I can arrange it tomorrow.

    Oh, and BTW, there is at least one confirmed gay character in the show, according to the producers, and it's not Rolo. Take a guess who it might be. ;)
  5. Transfinite
    Thank you!

    If it's not Nina, it has to be Kanon, right? (I already knew Rolo wasn't gay. He's just Lelouch-sexual.)
  6. Archaic
    Nina's considered bi, so she's not the one I'm referring to. ;)

    Kanon's not the gay character, and I'm giving it away to say that you're very close there.
  7. Transfinite
    This is what I get for not following Word of God announcements...

    In that case I'm going out on a limb and saying Schneizel?
  8. Archaic

    Apparently, it's officially confirmed with the DVD only picture drama with volume 6 of the R2 DVD's in Japan. [gg] has a Blu-Ray rip available, I believe, under a tag like [KanonxSchneizelOTP].
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