Music Discussion

Music Discussion

  1. Blazaking
    (we should make all the threads we had in the clannad forum)

    Snowfield is one of my favourite tracks from the OST. I also really like Toki o Kizamu Uta and Tomoyo's theme. But then again... I love all of the songs. The OST is just that great, and works perfectly. You tend to feel depressed when hearing some of the sadder tracks because of the moments that they played at. (Snowfield, Roaring Tides for example)

    And what about you guys?
  2. Soulweaver
    Well, you already know my opinion on the soundtrack :p It doesn't really have a weak point, most of the songs are outright awesome and even the less epic ones like Ana are enjoyable.

    Cream of the crop: -Kage Futatsu-; Machi, Toki no Nagare, Hito; Yuki Nohara; Onaji Takami e; Sora ni Hikaru; Nagisa; Shio Nari I & II; Kaijin ni Kaesu; Étude pour les petites supercordes; Sore wa Kaze no You ni; Kanojo no Honki; Sonzai (regular and piano versions).
  3. ghaskan
    I really, really love all the songs like you guys, but there are some I love above all others: Nagisa (Warm Piano Arrange), Phases of the Moon (memento remix), Hurry Starfish, TORCH (the piano version, not the slightly fail ending :P), the second anime opening (name escapes me at the moment), Town, Flow of Time, People, Roaring Tide I, Existence (piano version), -Two Shadows-... too much awesome music. :3
  4. Soulweaver
    Quote Originally Posted by ghaskan
    the second anime opening (name escapes me at the moment)
    That would be Toki o Kizamu Uta (time someparticle someverb song in english can't bother to check yada yada).
  5. Serpentsounds
    As with any Key work, the soundtrack is superb. Maeda Jun, Orito Shinji, and Togoshi Magome really bring memorable and emotional tracks to Clannad. Orito's "Machi, Toki no Nagare, Hito" still haunts me (in a good way) whenever I hear it.

    Riya and Lia do a superb job with the vocal songs! "-Kage Futatsu-" is probably my all around favorite vocal piece for the series. We can't forget Chata's "Dango Daikazoku," nor her rendition of "Chiisana Tenohira" at the KSL concert in 2008 either. If you have chance I also recommend checking out the Sorarado and Sorarado Append albums from Clannad, featuring a total of 10 additional songs sung by Riya. They are all really nice.

    The music collection from Clannad served as a gateway for me into a lot of other music. It made me look into Key and Lia music even deeper, which inevitably brought me to I've Sound (another group published, like Key, under Visual Art's) and all the wonderful pop and trance works they have produced. The "Shoujo no Gensou ZTS Remix" included with the "Mag Mell / Dango Daikazoku" single inclined me to collect some more ZTS music (he really is a genius lol), introducing me to more trance works and jcore in general. If you like the trance pop style found in songs like Lia's "Tori no Uta" I would highly recommend looking into I've Sound.
  6. Soulweaver
    I've listened through most of the Clannad related music in one way or another, not only the odd selection of songs used in the anime. I tend to build relationships to Japanese music mostly by other mediums (such as knowing it from an anime or a VN), though, so many of the vocal songs felt rather meh to me. As for other Key release OSTs, I've listened to Rewrite's (of course) and two of its remix discs, but for others all I know are the OP/EDs from the associated anime. Maybe I'll get more into them when I manage to arrange enough time to play through the VNs. (I can't take Air or Kanon safely to the university with me anyway, knowing that only the 18+ versions have translation patches :p)

    In general, to me random listening is usually a big hit or miss, but I guess I could try listening to I've Sound in the future.
  7. Serpentsounds
    When I was first getting into JPop it was a similar story for me. The only music I had were those taken directly from an anime I liked. They just kinda came along with it and because of that I really enjoyed them. That gradually evolved into an enjoyment and searching of the genre itself and well, nowadays I just obsessively download tons of music. :p

    If you're turned off by the trance elements of some pop songs you might not enjoy I've Sound as much (that's why I pointed to Tori no Uta as a basis, because it's decently trance heavy). Another good example, related to Clannad, would be Lia's "Light Colors." If you know any of: KOTOKO, Lia, Mell, Kawada Mami, Utatsuki Kaori, and Shimamiya Eiko, they are artists who got their start at I've Sound and produced a ton of stuff under them.
  8. Soulweaver
    I'm very bad at separating genres myself so I wouldn't really know what is trance and what isn't :D

    Other than performing a few Clannad songs, from Lia's discography I have indeed heard Tori no Uta earlier (I have watched all aired Key anime so far), which I like quite a lot; the other two less interesting songs from AIR; My Soul, Your Beats! from AB!, also a song I like; A Brand New World God Only Knows, a mediocre OP. From KOTOKO, I've heard Re-Sublimity, a great opening from a shitty series, but when I tried to listen into her other tracks, I didn't click with the songs at all. Kawada Mami, heard her OP songs in Index, and Psi-missing is quite rad. The last two, haven't heard their songs before. ...and yeah, for all of them, again the level of contact was quite much only OPs x)
  9. Serpentsounds
    Understandable, Mell and Utatsuki Kaori aren't nearly as popular. If you've seen Higurashi, those openings would be where to hear Shimamiya Eiko, the rest of her stuff isn't well known. If you liked Kawada Mami's songs in Index, try looking at her Shana singles as well (JOINT and Hishoku no Sora). (you'll find KOTOKO there as well). For the most part, I'd say if you can get into Kawada Mami you can get into KOTOKO, as a lot of their music is pretty similar (at least the trance stuff. Kawada Mami tends to have more rock songs filling out the rest while KOTOKO is more upbeat pop). If you look more into Lia you'll find she's not nearly as bound to trance productions, as she has more work done outside of I've Sound. Many of her more popular works are slow pop and pop ballad-type songs. The "Key+Lia Best 2001-2010" album is a good place to see that (closer to her Clannad and Air works, besides Tori no Uta).

    Sorry, I'm pretty much rambling at this point, I guess I'm just really into these artists ;]
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