New LP predictions!

New LP predictions!

  1. Joltik
    As you all probably know, Chuggaaconroy uploaded his last video for Emerald, what do you think his next LP will be?

    He has stated via titter that the next two LPs will be some thing he never thought he would do.

    It's also worth noting that he stated the he has another pokemon LP in the works, we can also discus that here.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Italy-kun
    I'd say the new Pokemon LP is Mystery Dungeon R/B Rescue Team. It makes more sense than Colo/XD to me.
  3. Joltik
    He did say that he was tired of double battles, because of Colo/XD, It would have to be red rescue team, because blues on the DS which can't record

    UPDATE: Chugga's twitter has announced that the next LP will be started this week
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