Weird Cat Behavior

Weird Cat Behavior

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  1. HarukaJoy
    My cat, MacTavish likes to rub against my boobs and purr. Lol.

    My other cat, Bear, only drinks fat-free milk. Guess he's watching his weight.
  2. Lifestream
    When I give my cat a bath, she doesn't try to get out or anything, although she clearly hates the water. She just kind of freezes up and doesn't move until she's dry as sand. =P

    The same cat, Camille, also doesn't meow. She either can't of just doesn't. She makes the sound like she's humming. like hhhhmmmmmm! It's like she's meowing with her mouth closed. The best she does is hhmmmmm-MA! I've never heard my cat meow.
  3. Kuwata
    Quote Originally Posted by Swanna
    One of my cats thinks she's a racehorse. She bolts around the house all day, trilling in a weird voice like some weird creature from space, and if anybody tries to get near her during her laps her eyes go HUGE and she will leap several feet in the air before turning around and running in the other direction.

    The rest of the time she spends screaming for someone to put a laundry basket on the floor so she cat sit in it. Just a basket, she plops right in and sits in it for hours, staring at nothing. Why.
    I cracked up.
  4. Mißingnåen
    My cat likes to chew on crinkly plastic things, such as potato chip bags. I think he likes the sound or the way it feels.
  5. $aturn¥oshi
    I had a cat named Diana. She used to take my Sharpie markers when I was asleep and hide them in her bed. It was adorable.
  6. Serenity
    My cat used to be a stalker. She was obsessed with me. At night, she would sit outside on the window(outside windowsill) and watch me sleep. She would wait at the bus stop with me until I went to school. She would always be waiting at the bus stop when I got home. No matter where I went, she followed. Literally. I was at my dad's, and we heard something. Open the door and my cat is hanging there. XD She always knew where I was. She always looked both ways before crossing the road, opened the porch door by sticking her paws under it and pushing it open, and would perch on my shoulder and fall asleep. A few days before she died, I couldn't find her. It was only until around the day she died that she had went to my dad's to die. Most likely because an animal tore her all to pieces. She didn't want me seeing her in that shape, so she went and died at my dad's. I miss her dearly. She was a wonderful cat, if not a little crazy. ;P
  7. Jacko19863
    Our grey cat is weird. He likes eating and clawing feet. He likes tormenting you. He takes your stuff with his teeth. Climbs walls. He runs around the house and makes a riot at nighttime when its dark. He also stares into midair and if you interrupt him, Its the worst for your feet. Creepy cat. He does weirder stuff, But I'd have to filll 2 whole pages :P

    Edit: A couple weeks ago I left my pokemon game on. When i came back from the toilet, He was there, Pawing at the moves. I was in the battle frontier. He 1HKO'd a luxray with my Heatran's earth power. I was like :O This cat is awesome. :OOOO
  8. Shiny Celebi
    Shiny Celebi
    My cat runs a round the house really fast when she's energetic. She also kind of ignores her cat toys and plays with other things on the floor like bottle caps, it's really funny.
  9. Zkat
    Our cats do lots of weird things, but the weirdest one is probably Angus. When he was a kitten, he used to go inside the litter box when it was clean and just lay there. He also liked going outside on a leash despite being an indoor cat, at least until stray cats started living around our house. Angus also used to like sleeping in my bed, except it's a loft bed (like a bunk bed, but just the top). He would put his paws on the ladder and meow at me so that I would put him up there. He doesn't go up there anymore because another one of our cats, Flint, likes to sleep in my bed too and can climb up there all by himself. He sleeps on top of a really tall bookshelf instead.

    Now, the strangest thing Angus does is steal earplugs and chew on them. Oh, and once he freaked out because a piece of spaghetti landed on his back.
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