So how many cats do/have you had?

So how many cats do/have you had?

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  1. Solaire of Astora
    Solaire of Astora
    Just as the title says, how many cats do have you had?

    For me... at the momment i have 13 cats, However i think i have had 30+ cats in my live.
  2. Mijzelffan
    13?! that's just a bit too much if you ask me...

    Anyway, I now have 1 cat, out of the 5 ever owned. I also had 2 temporary cats in total, who just came to eat here sometimes xD
  3. Solaire of Astora
    Solaire of Astora
    Yea, But they mostly ones that we have saved, some of which are blind. I cant help but to keep them ^^
  4. Gomazou
    My one friend had like 15.
    I went to her house once, and almost had a heart attack when I saw 15 cats XD.
    I had 3 or 4.
    3 died, one is an outdoor cat (Stray, but he comes inside sometimes)
  5. Pawsrent
    Living: 3
    Dead: 2

    Two of them live at my mom's, one at my dad's.
  6. marks
    Living: 4, but they feel like 13...
    Passed on: 2
  7. Meloetta23
    I have a calico cat named Tasha (10) and my brother DracoMan has a tabby named Tiger (5). Tasha and Tiger are literally opposites of each other in pretty much every way possible so things get really interesting around my house when the two worlds collide. But I love them to death especially Tasha because I've had her since I was seven and she's the sweetest little girl ever! She's totally my baby and we're really close
  8. The Medicine Cat "猫"
    The Medicine Cat "猫"
    I have three now but over all I have had five.:)
  9. Dr. Haxorus
    Dr. Haxorus
    Me and my bro share a kitten called Oscar, he will be 1 along with his sister who lives with my uncle(at my grans) on Christmas Eve. Oscar is GIANT, and Persephone is fairly biggish.

    I also have a cat for myself who lives at my grans. She's called Jen and she is about 5. Unfortunetly, she has brain damage and my gran said she has like a kind of cat dementia. Not putting her down, no. She is OK. But it means that sometimes she is lovely and nice, and you turn your back, go to pet her and she tries to bite your hand off. :) not all bad, she's happy.
  10. Iteru
    I have 3 at the moment, out of 6 (though I was too young to remember one of them).
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