How old is your kitty?

How old is your kitty?

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  1. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    I used to have two cats, but they both passed away in January =( Names were Patches and Pockets. I think they were 22 and 21 respectively, but I might be off a little bit. They were best buddies and passed away within a week of each other.

    Might get my own cat when I move out of my parents house, but that's not gonna happen for at least another two years.
  2. Dr. Haxorus
    Dr. Haxorus
    Oscar is a Norwegian Forest Cat cross Ragdoll, and he is 1 on Christmas Eve (so will his sister but she's not my cat).

    Jen is 5, and a black British short hair, but she has a form of kitty dementia. She is doing OK though. :)
  3. Snowcracker
    My cat is around 14. I don't know when since My sis found him when he was just a kitten.
  4. Nyokou
    My kitty named Gato (don't judge!) just turned 6 years old at the end of April. He's living with my parents though... I miss him so much... he was/is my first pet ever. We got him when he was just 3 months old from a rescue shelter. Him and his brothers and sisters were all found in a box somewhere, but they were all adopted except for him. I guess cause he was a little wild. When I saw him he was just rolling around and prancing in his little cage with a mouse toy. Now he's fat and lazy.

    Anyway~ I want to get a kitten once my boyfriend and I get jobs and move out of this dump. Mostly cause the guy who's letting us stay here has a pet dog and I really, really, really hate her. And she'd probably be a total bitch if we brought a kitten in. I don't want that ugly dog anywhere near my [future] kitty!
  5. Psycho Deoxys
    Psycho Deoxys
    My cat, Tiger is 3 months old but he acts as though he's my master and I'm his pet but I still love him. He hates drinking from his water bowl and drinks only from the tap...
    My other cat, Fat Jo (Oddly, it's a girl, my brother named her Jo when I was away) we found her in the wilderness asking for food then she came back every day then she even stopped leaving! By her size I guess sh's around 3 or 4...
  6. Meowly
    Sally is eight.
  7. ChinYao
  8. Meloetta23
    My first cat (whom I got when I was seven years old) died at the age of 18. She had lived with another family until she was 16, but they didn't want her anymore so they let me adopt her. She got to spend the last two years of her life receiving more love and affection than she had in a long time.

    My older brother got a cat several years prior, and that cat died of cancer at the age of 12.

    My current cat is 11 1/2 years old. I adopted her shortly after my first cat died, and she's been with me for over 10 years now.

    And my brother adopted another cat after his cat died. The cat was 4 months old when my family found him, and now he's six years old.
  9. Melon Collie
    My cat is currenly 13, going on 14. We are getting a kitten in a few weeks, though.
  10. HarukaJoy
    I've got two:

    MacTavish is three, I think, and Bear is six.

    My old cat, Oreo, lived to be thirteen. My other one, Olive, died at fifteen.
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